Appeals must be filed according to the CAPS/GS appeals process, which is in compliance withMinnesota Statutes, section 122A.09, subdivision 4, paragraph (c). Appeals of academic policies (e.g. academic progress, application of academic policies, dismissal, graduation, status in programs) are made to the CAPS/GS Appeals Committee. If the circumstances in question relate to course content or procedures (e.g. academic dishonesty, grading, syllabus) the following step is required prior to initiating an appeal:

Within three weeks following the decision or incident in question, the student will seek to resolve the matter first with the course instructor, or with the party directly responsible for the decision, and then with the program director.

If a student believes he or she is being treated unfairly, or not in accordance with announced policies, or that extenuating circumstances beyond their control that are not common experiences to CAPS students or GS students warrant receiving an exception, the student may initiate an appeal. Any appeal must be filed no later than 60 days after the student has reasonable notice of the circumstances (e.g., the faculty or administrative action affecting the student) that give rise to the issues presented in the appeal. Initial filing of the appeal shall be submitted to the Student Success Advisor who shall transmit it to the Appeals Committee. The Academic Appeal form is available through Blink (Home tab > Forms channel > CAPS Programs menu > CAPS Student submenu > Academic Appeal - Online) or (Home tab > Forms channel > GS Programs menu > GS Student submenu > Academic Appeal - Online).