1. Academic Warning

Students may be given an academic warning any time their cumulative GPA is below 2.00 and/or below 2.25 in their major. Academic warnings are advisory and are not recorded on the transcript.

2. Academic Probation

Students are placed on academic probation when they are not in good academic standing at the end of an academic term as defined below:

Cumulative Semester Credit Hours Minimum Cumulative GPA for Good Standing
0-29.99 1.65
30-59.99 1.85
60-74.99 1.95
75 or more 2.0

A student may not remain in a program on academic probation for more than two consecutive academic terms.

3. Academic Dismissal

The following students will be subject to academic dismissal:

  • Students who have not achieved the minimum cumulative GPA for good standing after two consecutive academic terms of academic probation;
  • Provisionally admitted students who do not meet the requirements of their provisional acceptance;
  • Students who do not meet the stipulations set at the time of being placed on academic probation; and
  • Students who do not meet the minimum score on the Accuplacer assessments.

Patterns of poor performance not listed above also may lead to academic dismissal. Academic warning and academic probation do not always precede academic dismissal.