Bethel University operates on a semester calendar. For students who have completed all general education and elective requirements, the calendar of class sessions for the major and core distinctives is found through Blink (

Student load for each academic term is:

  1. Full time = 12 credits or more
  2. Part time = fewer than 12 credits
    1. Three-Quarter time = 9 - 11.99 credits
    2. Half time = 6 - 8.99 credits
    3. Less than half time = fewer than 6 credits

Receiving an extension or a grade of Incomplete in a course does not extend a student’s enrollment beyond the final date of class. Dropping below full-time status or below half-time status may affect the student’s eligibility for certain financial aid programs and deferment of existing loans. If students are working full time, it is not usually recommended that other courses be taken concurrently with College of Adult & Professional Studies courses.