1. Students needing to add, drop, or change course registration may do so through Blink (Student Academics tab > Registration Tools channel > Add or Drop Classes). Drop classes through the Action menu above the course listing. Add classes through the Add Classes Worksheet (use Class Search to find course registration numbers). Contact the Office of Student Success for further assistance.
  2. The student is responsible for all charges incurred (see: Tuition and Financial Aid) and for any loss of financial aid or change of loan deferment status.
  3. A new course may not be added when a registration hold has been placed by the Business Office.
  4. Regulations for dropping a course are explained in this catalog (see: Grading System—Grade of W). Courses can be dropped through the first week of the course and withdrawn through 60% of the total course length. 
  5. No change of registration is complete until the change is displayed through Blink.