Coursework is evaluated on the following scale:

Grade Definition Grade Points
A Exceptional 4.0
A- 3.7
B+ 3.3
B Good 3.0
B- 2.7
C+ 2.3
C Satisfactory 2.0
C- 1.7
D+ 1.3
D Minimally Acceptable 1.0
F Failing 0.0
AU Audit NA
CR Credit NA
I Incomplete (courses with letter grades) NA
IN Incomplete (courses graded S/U) NA
IP In Process NA
N No Grading NA
NR Not Reported NA
S Satisfactory NA
U Unsatisfactory NA
W Withdrawal NA
WZ Audit Withdrawal NA

An instructor has the option of affixing a minus to the grade of A, a plus or a minus to the grades of B and C, and a plus to the grade of D. A plus increases the number of grade points awarded by 0.3, and a minus decreases the number of grade points awarded by 0.3.

All grades are considered final and are not subject to change except for errors in calculation, or as a result of a formal grade appeal process. Contact your SSA for this procedure. The grade of I or IN is changed when work is completed or the deadline has been reached (see: Grade of I or IN).

The GPA is determined by dividing the number of grade points by the number of credits the student has attempted. Courses with the following grades are not included in the GPA calculation: AUCR, I, IN, IP, N, NR, S, U, W, and WZ. When a course is repeated, only the last attempt is used in computing the GPA unless the course is designated as repeatable.

Grade of AU

The grade AU is given when a student audits a course. Students wishing to audit a course must secure the consent of their student success advisor and the course instructor at the beginning of the term for such enrollment status. Not all courses are available to audit. Auditing at Bethel is defined as observation in the classroom setting. Auditors are required to meet the attendance requirements set by the instructor. Students who do not meet the attendance requirements will be graded WZ. Participation beyond attendance in class activities is at the instructor’s option. A student may change to or from audit status with the instructor’s approval only during the first 60% of the course.

Grade of CR

The grade CR is used for coursework that is excluded from GPA calculations.

Grade of I or IN

The grade I or IN is given when a student is unable to complete the course requirements in the regular time due to extenuating circumstances beyond the student’s control. The incomplete must be negotiated with and approved by the instructor before a grade of I or IN will be allowed. Remaining work must be of the kind that can be done largely through independent effort. Unless the grade of I or IN is removed by the deadline designated by the instructor, the student will be graded for the course using the default grade designated by the instructor.

The maximum deadline an instructor may assign is six weeks. Students with multiple grades of I or IN may be required to withdraw from future coursework and finish their program after all grades of I or IN have been resolved.

Incompletes in practicums and internships may be handled differently. The following courses have a one year maximum extension:

Ministry Practicum
Internship in Addictions Counseling I
Internship in Addictions Counseling III
Internship in Addictions Counseling II

Grades of IP, N, and NR

The grades IP, N, and NR are generated for administrative use only.

Grades of S and U

The S/U grading option is used in designated courses as indicated in the course description. Other courses are graded on an AF basis. A student may count no more than 12 credits of S/U graded courses toward graduation requirements. The S grade indicates achievement equivalent to at least a grade of D.

Grade of W

The grade W is given to a student who officially withdraws from a course by the end of the week in which 60% of the course time has elapsed. Students may withdraw from a course (or may change from credit to audit) anytime before the withdrawal deadline. Course withdrawals are official on the date the request is received by the student success advisor. Any student dropping a course after that time will receive the grade they have earned to that point. Extenuating circumstances that may warrant exception to the withdrawal policy will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Note that scheduled online sessions count as “class sessions” when determining refunds and grades. Any refund due to withdrawal will be governed by the refund policy (see: Tuition and Fees Refund Schedule).

The undergraduate GPA is calculated only on the basis of undergraduate credits attempted at Bethel.