The following courses are generally open to CAPS students who wish to take them to fulfill general education requirements or as electives. Enrollment in some sections of these courses may be restricted to students in specific programs.

Open to Freshman, Sophomores, Juniors, & Seniors
ARTC150AResponding to the Arts3
BIBL230The Bible in Real Life3
BUSN104Introduction to Business3
BUSN115Personal Financial Literacy3
BUSN200Business Problem Solving3
BUSN210Workplace Communication 13
BUSN285TStudies in Technology and Society3
CHMN140Spiritual Quest3
COMM160Basic Communication Skills3
ECON200Principles of Microeconomics3
ENGL130Successful Writing3
ENGL225RAcademic Research and Writing3
HEPE260YPhysical Wellness3
HIST250U.S. History in Dialogue with the Present3
MATH180MMathematics in Real Life 13
NASC275VEnvironmental Studies3
ORGL101Leadership in the 21st Century3
ORGL120Personal Mission and Leadership Development3
ORGL201The Framework of Leadership3
SOCS110Succeeding in College3
SOCS170WConflict Management and the Social Scientific Perspective3
SOCS255EStudies in the American Mosaic3
Open to Sophomores, Juniors, & Seniors (at least 30 credits earned)
BUSN302Foundations of Human Resource Management3
BUSN360Information Technology and Applications3
CHMN300Foundations for Christian Ministry3
CHMN320Personal Spiritual Formation3
CHMN350RResearch Writing for Christian Ministry3
COMM340ECross-Cultural Communication3
CORE300Community, Self and Formation: Ancient and Contemporary Narratives3
CORE310Scripture and Society3
CORE320History, Faith and Society3
HUSE300WFamily Perspectives3
HUSE305Individual and Family Development Over the Life Cycle3
HUSE311Personality Theories3
HUSE350Individual and Family Psychopathology3
HUSE386Social Inequality3
ORGL310Leadership and Adult Development3
ORGL330Theories of Organizations and Leadership3
ORGL340RScholarly Research and Writing for Organizational Leadership3
ORGL350Leadership Communication3
ORGL370Leadership and Technology3
PSYC335MIntroduction to Statistics3
THEO341EGospel in Cross-Cultural Perspective3
Open to Juniors, & Seniors (at least 60 credits earned)
ACCT400Financial Accounting for Managers3
BIBL441Significance of the Old Testament 13
BIBL442Significance of the New Testament 13
BUSN301Foundations of Business Management3
BUSN308Strategic Management and Planning 13
BUSN323Introduction to Marketing Management3
BUSN401Operations Management3
BUSN405Survey of Microeconomics and Macroeconomics3
CHMN451Communication in Ministry 13
CHMN452HLeadership in Ministry 13
FINA400Corporate Finance3
HUSE400Research Methods 13
HUSE405Family Social Policy3
HUSE410Dynamics of Interpersonal Relationships3
HUSE420Advanced Family Topics: Gender and Sexuality3
HUSE435EFamilies in Cross-Cultural Perspective3
HUSE445Counseling Microskills3
HUSE485HProfessional Practice Issues and Ethics3
MATH301MManagerial Mathematics3
MIST400Foundations of Information Management Systems3
MIST430Introduction to Business Programming3
NURS300Nursing in the Acute Care Setting4
NURS345Evidence Based End of Life Nursing Care 12
NURS346Health Assessment for RNs 13
ORGL400Principles of Leading and Managing3
ORGL462Integrated Principles of Leadership 13
THEO441Christian Theology 13
Open to Seniors (at least 90 credits earned)
BUSN575Experiencing Global Business (BUSP and ORLP majors only) 13

See course description for course prerequisite(s).