The required curriculum for the human services major comprises a 42-43 semester credit sequence of courses to be taken consecutively throughout the calendar year. For course sequence, request a program calendar from the College of Adult & Professional Studies.

HUSE300WFamily Perspectives3
HUSE305Individual and Family Development Over the Life Cycle3
HUSE311Personality Theories3
HUSE350Individual and Family Psychopathology3
HUSE386Social Inequality3
HUSE400Research Methods3
HUSE405Family Social Policy3
HUSE410Dynamics of Interpersonal Relationships3
HUSE420Advanced Family Topics: Gender and Sexuality3
HUSE435EFamilies in Cross-Cultural Perspective3
HUSE445Counseling Microskills3
HUSE485HProfessional Practice Issues and Ethics3
HUSE490Integrative Internship Seminar 13-4
or HUSE491 Internship in Addictions Counseling II
PSYC335MIntroduction to Statistics3
Human Services Major Total42-43
General Education, Core Distinctives, and Elective Courses79-80
Total Credits122

 Course must be taken for credit at Bethel

Sample Course Sequence

This example includes the Core courses and the courses for the major for a hypothetical cohort that starts in the Fall Semester. Cohort calendars indicate actual course sequence.

First Year
CORE300 Community, Self and Formation: Ancient and Contemporary Narratives3HUSE305 Individual and Family Development Over the Life Cycle3HUSE400 Research Methods3
HUSE300W Family Perspectives3PSYC335M Introduction to Statistics3HUSE405 Family Social Policy3
 HUSE311 Personality Theories3 
 HUSE350 Individual and Family Psychopathology3 
 6 12 6
Second Year
HUSE386 Social Inequality3HUSE435E Families in Cross-Cultural Perspective3CORE310 Scripture and Society3
HUSE410 Dynamics of Interpersonal Relationships3HUSE445 Counseling Microskills3CORE320 History, Faith and Society3
HUSE420 Advanced Family Topics: Gender and Sexuality3HUSE485H Professional Practice Issues and Ethics3 
 HUSE490 Integrative Internship Seminar3 
 9 12 6
Total Credits: 51