The required curriculum for the nursing major comprises a 33 semester credit sequence of courses to be taken sequentially throughout the calendar year. In addition, NURS300 is Required for MANE Associate degree graduates

NURS330HEthical Theory and Applied Nursing Ethics3
NURS360The Professional Nurse 13
NURS404Public Health Nursing 16
NURS410Nursing Informatics 13
NURS421ECultural Diversity in Health Care 13
NURS430Research and Evidence-Based Practice 16
NURS494Nursing Leadership 19
General Education, Core Distinctives, and Elective Courses89
Total Credits122

Course must be taken for credit at Bethel.

RN to M.S. – Bridge Program

Major in Nursing

B.S. in Nursing for graduate students pursuing an M.S. degree. Graduate students applying to an M.S. degree program which requires a bachelor’s degree in nursing, but who do not already hold a bachelor’s degree in nursing, are required to complete additional undergraduate course prerequisites prior to beginning the M.S. program. Students in this program must complete the following courses as well as all M.S. degree requirements. The required undergraduate coursework can be completed in one academic year, after which time (unless still not qualified), the student can enter the graduate program. Upon successful completion of these undergraduate requirements and the M.S. program, the student will earn both a B.S. in Nursing and the M.S. degree. The B.S. degree in Nursing earned through the Bridge Program does not qualify for Degree Honors or Commencement Ceremony Honors. Neither degree will be awarded without completion of all requirements for both degrees.

Required Undergraduate Courses
CORE300Community, Self and Formation: Ancient and Contemporary Narratives 13
NURS404Public Health Nursing 16
NURS494Nursing Leadership 19
CORE310Scripture and Society 13
or CORE320 History, Faith and Society
M.S. Courses (as detailed in Graduate School catalog) and Eelective Courses101
Total Credits122

 Course must be taken for credit at Bethel.

Sample Course Sequence

This example includes the major courses, the Core courses and ENGL225R (a general education course needed by many students in this program) for a hypothetical student that starts in the Fall Semester. This example does not include NURS300.

First Year
ENGL225R Academic Research and Writing3CORE300 Community, Self and Formation: Ancient and Contemporary Narratives3CORE310 or 320 Scripture and Society or History, Faith and Society3
NURS360 The Professional Nurse3NURS430 Research and Evidence-Based Practice6NURS421E Cultural Diversity in Health Care3
NURS410 Nursing Informatics3NURS330H Ethical Theory and Applied Nursing Ethics3 
 9 12 6
Second Year
NURS404 Public Health Nursing6  
NURS494 Nursing Leadership9  
Total Credits: 42