The required curriculum for a minor in organizational leadership comprises an 18 semester credit sequence of courses. Cannot be taken with an organizational leadership major.

ORGL310Leadership and Adult Development3
ORGL330Theories of Organizations and Leadership 13
ORGL400Principles of Leading and Managing 13
ORGL462Integrated Principles of Leadership 13
SOCS170WConflict Management and the Social Scientific Perspective3
ORGL101Leadership in the 21st Century3
or ORGL201 The Framework of Leadership
Total Credits18

Courses must be taken for credit at Bethel.

Sample Course Sequence

This example includes the courses for the minor for a hypothetical student that starts in the Spring Semester. A minor can be completed before and/or after the major.

First Year
 SOCS170W Conflict Management and the Social Scientific Perspective3
 ORGL101 or 201 Leadership in the 21st Century3
 ORGL330 Theories of Organizations and Leadership3
Second Year
ORGL310 Leadership and Adult Development3ORGL400 Principles of Leading and Managing3
 ORGL462 Integrated Principles of Leadership3
 3 6
Total Credits: 18