The required curriculum for the special education major comprises a 60 semester credit sequence of courses intended to be taken consecutively throughout the calendar year. ENGL 225R, or an equivalent transfer, is a program prerequisite and must be completed before taking the below courses. 

All curriculum has been approved by the MN PELSB and meets MN K-12 ABS license standards.  

SPED 405Introduction to Special Education2
SPED 408Introduction to Academic Instruction and Behavior Management for Exceptional Learners3
SPED 420Reading Foundations3
SPED 421Reading Field Experience1
EDUC 321Foundations in Education3
EDUC 324Educational Psychology4
SPED 410Norm Reference Assessment4
SPED 470Assessment Field Experience1
SPED 455Classroom-based Assessment3
SPED 425Programming and Planning3
EDUC 395School-wide Systems Field Experience1
EDUC 326General Methods of Instruction3
SPED 418Foundations of Instructional Strategies for Students with Mild-Moderate Disabilities4
SPED 473ABS Field Experience1
SPED 400Characteristics of Mild-Moderate Disabilities3
EDUC 363Educational Equity3
EDUC 368Classroom Technology2
SPED 431Responsive Instruction, Intervention and Assessment3
SPED 441Introduction to Behavioral Methods & Mental Health for Mild-Moderate Needs3
SPED 475Consultation, Collaboration, and Resources3
EDUC 451Special Education Teaching Seminar 13
SPED 480HStudent Teaching - Academic Behavioral Strategist 14
Special Education Major Total 60
General Education, Core Distinctive, and Elective Courses 262
Total Credits122