Transfer Entry Level

NOTE: The General Education Entry/Transfer level Charts have been updated for students entering after the 2016/2017 academic year and can be found at this link. 

A General Education Entry/Transfer level is assigned at the time of entry to Bethel and determines which General Education requirements a student must fulfill and the number of interims that must be completed. The General Education Entry/Transfer level will not be changed from the original level assigned unless a student leaves Bethel and returns after a period of two or more years, during which they earned credits at another accredited college or university and did not complete any courses at Bethel.

Students admitted to Bethel who already have a Bachelor’s degree from another institution and who are attending Bethel to obtain a second Bachelor’s degree in a major different from their previously earned Bachelor’s degree will enter Bethel as a Transfer Level 7. (Students who already have a Bethel Bachelor’s degree and who are completing a second degree or major are considered to have met all General Education requirements. They need only meet the requirements for the major, including the major residency requirement.)


All students enrolling at Bethel through the Postsecondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) are required to complete GES106 their first semester at Bethel. All students admitted provisionally must take GES106. Provisionally admitted transfer students must take GES108.


Indicates courses that are part of the CWILT program and can be replaced by the courses in Humanities.


Courses above indicated by a 3 must be taken at Bethel.