Minor in Reconciliation Studies
RES201Introduction to Reconciliation Studies3
RES305Conflict Resolution and Mediation Skills3
SCS340ZPrinciples and Methods of Intercultural Leadership 14
Choose one of the following:3-4
Biblical Theology of Reconciliation 1
Reconciliation in a Racialized Society 1
Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, and Our Multicultural World 1
Race, Ethnicity, and Peacemaking 1
Choose one of the following:3-4
Peoples and Cultures of the United States 1
Christianity in Cross-Cultural Perspective 1
Urbanism: A Way of Life 1
Studies in American Literature: The Harlem Renaissance
Literature of the Oppressed 1
Disability and Society 1
Minorities in America 1
Cross-Cultural Psychology 1
Hispanic Cultures
Choose one of the following:3
A Biblical Theology of Poverty 1
A Biblical Theology of Justice 1
Gender Communication 1
History of Women in America 1
Human Rights in International History 1
Social Responsibility in the Marketplace
Social Perspective, Human Worth, and Social Action 1
Total Credits19-21

This course meets a General Education requirement.