Major in Sociocultural Studies (B.A.)
ANT242UZPeoples and Cultures of the United States 13
ANT200UIntroduction to Anthropology 13
or SOC101 Introduction to Sociology
ANT214UPeoples and Cultures of Latin America 13-4
or ANT241UZ Peoples and Cultures of Africa
SCS350Qualitative Research Methods4
SCS351Quantitative Research Methods4
SCS361Sociocultural Theory4
SCS481Internship in Sociocultural Studies3
SCS499Senior Seminar4
Choose one of the following tracks:18-21
Sociology Track
Introduction to Sociology
Choose 9 credits from 300-level or above SOC courses
Choose 9 credits from 300-level or above ANT, REC, SOC, or SCS courses
Global & Urban Missions Track
Christianity in Cross-Cultural Perspective 1
Urbanism: A Way of Life 1
Religion in Society 1
Mission in the 21st Century 1
Principles and Methods of Intercultural Leadership 1
Choose one of the following:
The Urban Church 1
The Redevelopment of Central City Neighborhoods 1
Christianity and the World's Religions
Sociology of Third World Development 1
Missional Theology
Total Credits46-50
General Education51-52
Total Credits122-132

This course meets a General Education requirement.


 It is highly recommended that a student majoring in sociocultural studies take at least one year of a modern world language.