Minor in Health Education
HAS120First Aid1
HAS130Personal and Community Health3
HAS314Foundations, Administration, and Evaluation of Health Education3
HAS340School Health and Drug Issues3
EDU422Curriculum and Methods of 5-12 Health Education3
Choose one of the following sequences:4
Principles of Biology
and Principles of Biology Lab 1
Human Biology
and Human Biology Lab 1
Human Anatomy and Physiology
and Human Anatomy and Physiology Lab
Total Credits21

This course meets a General Education requirement.

As of September 1, 2001, the Minnesota Board of Teaching requires a major in Health Education 5-12 for licensure. Health endorsements will no longer be issued in Minnesota.

While the Minnesota Board of Teaching does not acknowledge minors, this minor is offered for students who anticipate teaching in a state that does acknowledge minors.