Major in Physical Education K-12 (B.A.)
HAS120First Aid1
HAS130Personal and Community Health3
HAS200QProfessional Activities: Individual/Dual 2,34
HAS201Foundations of Physical Education2
HAS210QProfessional Activities: Team3
HAS215QProfessional Activities: Conditioning2
HAS220AEducational Rhythms 13
HAS247Motor Development and Learning3
HAS306Administration of Athletics and Physical Education2
HAS316Curriculum Development in Physical Education3
HAS320Developmental and Adapted Physical Education3
HAS321Developmental and Adapted Field Experience1
HAS340School Health and Drug Issues3
HAS376Exercise Physiology and Assessment3
Choose one of the following sequences:4
Principles of Biology
and Principles of Biology Lab 2
Human Biology
and Human Biology Lab 2
Human Anatomy and Physiology
and Human Anatomy and Physiology Lab
EDU200Introduction to Education3
EDU201Introduction to Education Field Experience1
EDU220Introduction to Middle Level Education3
EDU240Educational Psychology3
EDU241Educational Psychology Field Experience1
EDU317GZEducational Equity 23
EDU320Pedagogy and the Young Adolescent Learner1
EDU321Integrated Literacy in the Content Areas1
EDU424Methods in Teaching K-12 Physical Education3
EDU425Middle Level Practicum in Physical Education1
EDU490Student Teaching Block 414
General Education49-50
Total Credits130-131

Because of possible double counting between General Education and the major, the ­actual total can be reduced to 123-124 credits.


This course meets a General Education requirement. 


Students lacking competency in motor skills may be required to take additional one-credit Leisure and Lifetime Sports courses to improve their performance level.


In order to meet requirements for endorsements and duel majors this number is subject to change. Students should consult with their advisor. 

Students must earn a grade of C or better in each content area and education course (HAS, BIO, EDU) in the major. Courses with grades of C- or lower must be repeated.

Students with K-12 licensure in Physical Education may complete a Developmental and Adapted Physical Education Endorsement or a Middle Level Endorsement. See endorsement area listing under Major in Elementary Education with Middle Level Endorsement in the Education section of this catalog.

Developmental and Adapted Physical Education (DAPE) Endorsement

Eligible students include those completing the Physical Education K-12 major concurrently as well as those already licensed in Physical Education K-12. The requirements listed below include only the courses required for the DAPE licensure that are not already part of Bethel’s Physical Education K-12 major. Those adding the DAPE endorsement to an existing Physical Education K-12 license should contact the department to determine if additional courses are required.

Developmental and Adapted Physical Education (DAPE)

EDU250Educating the Exceptional Child3
HAS322Methods and Materials for Adapted Physical Activity2
HAS323Developmental and Adapted Physical Education Practicum2
PSY330Disabilities and Giftedness4
Total Credits11