Minor in Leadership Studies

LEA100 • Emerging Leaders. 3 Credits.

An introduction to leadership with a focus on effective characteristics and practices of leadership theories, leadership styles, core leadership competencies, individual self-discovery, management, followership, and integration of faith and leadership. Opportunities given for students to identify, clarify, and develop individual leadership skills and abilities.
Offered: Fall, spring.

LEA200 • Leading Teams. 3 Credits.

Explores effective leadership of teams, focusing on how teams interact and how effective leaders navigate opportunities and challenges of leading teams. Opportunities for creating teams in class are provided for students to explore the dynamics of team development and to grow and develop their own team leadership skills.
Prerequisites: LEA100. Offered: Occasionally fall, spring

LEA300 • Leading Organizations. 3 Credits.

Leadership within organizational contexts; how organizations operate and provide opportunities and challenges for leaders; demands of collaborative leadership; organizational change and leaders’ means of guiding it; leadership within Christian organizations and contexts.
Prerequisites: LEA200. Offered: Fall, occasionally spring

LEA350 • Leadership Practicum and Seminar. 4 Credits.

The leadership practicum experience provides opportunities for students to learn about the practical aspects of leadership by applying theories and concepts from their academic classes to field-based learning settings. Placement sites are chosen to complement the student’s major and career interests. Includes a weekly seminar.
Prerequisites: LEA300 (may be taken concurrently); consent of instructor. Offered: Occasionally fall, spring

LEA351 • Leadership Seminar. 1 Credit.

Provides opportunities for students to learn the practical aspects of leadership by applying theories and concepts from their academic experiences to their discipline-specific internship.
Prerequisites: LEA100; LEA300; consent of instructor; internship within a major (may be taken concurrently). Offered: Fall, spring