Minor in Asian Studies
HIS205UHistory of China, Japan, and Korea 13
or HIS206U History of India and Its Neighbors
Competency in an Asian language 28
Choose 7-15 credits from the following:7-15
Religion and Art in Asia
History of China, Japan, and Korea (if not selected above) 1
History of India and Its Neighbors (if not selected above) 1
Topics in Global History (Asian topic or focus) 3, 4
Topics in Philosophy (Asian topic or focus) 3, 4
Asian Philosophy 1
Introduction to International Relations (Asian focus) 1, 4
Revolution and Political Development (Asian focus) 1, 4
Religions of India, China and Japan 1
Religion in Society 1, 4
Christianity and the World's Religions (Asian focus ) 4
Total Credits18-26

This course meets a General Education requirement. 


Coursework or other experience equivalent to a first-year college course in that language.


“Asian topic” means that the student can apply this course to the minor only when an Asian topic is offered. 


“Asian focus” means that the instructor must have Asian expertise and students must contract with the instructor early in the term to do the majority of their work on Asia. At least 50% of the student’s work in this course, including term papers, must have Asian content.

Consult the registrar prior to enrolling in courses taken elsewhere for transfer to Bethel.

Consult the Asian studies advisor regarding language competency and program guidance.