Major in Theatre (B.A.)
Theatre Core
THA100ABeginning Acting3
THA195Theatre Hour0
THA212Voice Production3
THA279Theatre and Culture: Classical to Modern4
THA291LTheatre in the Modern Age 13
THA315Performing Shakespeare3
THA350Advanced Acting3
THA410Theatrical Styles4
THA481Internship in Theatre3-4
or THA490 Theatre Practicum
PEA114QAJazz Dance 12
PEA115QABallet 12
Choose one emphasis13
General Education49-50
Total Credits122-126

 This course meets a General Education requirement. 


Acting/Directing Emphasis

THA214Stage Combat3
THA313Auditioning and Acting for the Camera3
Choose from theatre:7
Design for the Stage
Stage Dialects
Topics in Theatre Arts
Total Credits13

Additional Requirement: Acting/ Directing students must participate in a minimum of six Theatre productions. 

Musical Theatre Emphasis

THA202AProducing and Performing a Musical 13
THA360Musical Theatre3
MUL143AIntroduction to Keyboard Theory 11
MUS101Music Fundamentals1
MUS103Introduction to Music Literature2
THA311Stage Dialects3
or THA330 Topics in Theatre Arts
or THA214 Stage Combat
Total Credits13

Additional Requirement: Musical Theatre students must participate in a minimum of six Theatre productions and must take voice lessons for a minimum of 3 semesters. 


The Ministry Scholars program is Bethel University's 5-year Bachelor's Degree and Master of Arts in Ministry program that reduces cost and time-to-completion by streamlining undergraduate and graduate education. Graduates receive a Bachelor's degree from Bethel University's College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) and a Master of Arts in Ministry from Bethel Seminary. This program is well suited for a variety of majors who want to become equipped to lead churches, parachurch organizations, and other ministries. It is also a good fit for ministry-minded students who want to pursue bi-vocational ministry or work outside of professional ministry. Students learn from successful ministry leaders and experts in Biblical and Theological Studies, Spiritual and Personal Formation, and Transformational Leadership. This program offers supplemental training resources, cohort-based activities, and mentorship opportunities to prepare ministry-minded students for effective ministry leadership. Students also gain valuable field experience in local churches and ministry settings.

The objectives of the program are that graduates will demonstrate age-appropriate growth and ultimately ministry leadership preparedness in the following domains:

  1. Spiritual life: Students will grow spiritually, deepening their love for, commitment to, and dependence on God, and develop an instinct to trust in God and to connect intimately with God.
  2. Discernment of call: They will clarify and reaffirm their sense of calling to glorify God, to work in Christ’s church and to serve humanity sacrificially.
  3. Emotional maturity: They will become emotionally mature adults, possessing the ability to sense and manage emotions, to see others’ perspectives, to sympathize and empathize, to follow and lead as appropriate and to foster healthy relationships.
  4. Cultural competence: They will become culturally aware, gaining a perspective that all cultures possess strengths and vulnerabilities, an ability to work across cultural lines and an appreciation that diverse teams are stronger teams.
  5. Bible knowledge: They will gain a clear understanding of the Bible’s content and a deep and abiding passion for the truth of the Gospel.
  6. Spiritual wisdom: They will grow in wisdom, possessing a capacity to apply the Bible so that others are inspired by their teaching and preaching to live out biblical truth and experience human flourishing.
  7. Intellectual virtues: They will develop virtues such as critical thinking, respect for data, intellectual humility, and thirst for learning, combined with the skill to interpret and teach the Bible accurately.
  8. Leadership capacity: They will learn to follow leaders and to lead followers—enlisting people, building teams, leading change and achieving results.
  9. Godly character: They will become virtuous people—individuals who love others, speak truth, live humbly, sacrifice their own interests, live justly, express joy and show compassion.

What is Bethel looking for in a Ministry Scholar?

  • Minimum of 3.0 GPA (cumulative college grade point average or unweighted high school GPA if the student has less than one year of college experience), and maintenance of 3.0 minimum GPA throughout the duration of the Ministry Scholars program while enrolled at CAS and Seminary.

  • Able to provide a pastoral or ministry leader reference that speaks to the student’s character and call to ministry.

  • Committed to prioritizing activities and retreats offered for Ministry Scholars, enabling the individual to develop a strong sense of community.

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