Bethel Seminary affirms that both men and women are created in the image of God, that they are equally recipients of the redemptive grace of God, and that the Spirit of God is conferred upon men and women alike.  It also observes that the listings of spiritual gifts in Scripture make no restrictions of gender regarding who are recipients of those gifts.

The Seminary further recognizes that there are both men and women who sense a divine calling to professional ministry.  Because the seminary is not a church, it does not ordain or make the decision of who shall be ordained.  Students come to us from a variety of churches, some that ordain women and some that do not.

All academic programs at Bethel Seminary will continue, as in the past, to be open to all who meet the academic, moral, and spiritual requirements for admission.  No person should be required to justify her or his presence in the Seminary for reasons of their gender.  While within evangelical Christianity, within local churches, and on the Bethel Seminary faculty, differences of opinion exist regarding the relative roles of men and women in the church and the home, discussions of such topics should be conducted openly and sensitively; with Christian respect for the person and convictions of others; and with primary consideration given to the teachings of the Bible, our supreme authority in matters of faith and practice.