Transfer Credit

Students who have completed graduate-level courses at other regionally accredited institutions of higher education may receive credit for those courses that are equivalent to work required in their program at Bethel. The amount of credit, the courses to be accepted, and the method of evaluation will be determined by the nature of the courses.

At least 80% of the credits used to meet the requirements of a degree or certificate must be taken in programs that meet Bethel residency requirements except in cases where formal agreements with other institutions exist. In each major, certain courses are required to be taken in residence. Students who complete the requirements for transfer of credit will receive an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) indicating which Bethel courses may be waived, which must be audited, and which courses from other institutions will be accepted in transfer.

Credits earned prior to entering a graduate program at Bethel University may be accepted in transfer with the approval of the registrar based upon the evaluation of the program director when:

  • Bethel’s Graduate School has directly received an official transcript.
  • The transfer credit has been earned at a regionally accredited institution.
  • The transfer credit is no more than three years old unless approved by program director.
  • The credits are clearly designated as graduate credits. For doctoral programs, the work must have been completed beyond the requirements of a master’s degree.
  • A description of course content, such as that found in the college catalog or course syllabus, must be submitted for the purpose of determining whether course(s) will be accepted in transfer.
  • The course grade is a pass or at least a 2.0 (on a 4.0 scale).
  • The Transfer Credit Request form has been submitted to the Graduate School prior to admission to a graduate program as requested.