The required curriculum for the M.A. in Gerontology comprises a 36 semester credit sequence of courses.

GRTG605Health and Aging3
GRTG610Adult Development and Aging3
GRTG615Aging and Diversity: Class, Gender, and Ethnicity3
GRTG620Spirituality and Aging3
GRTG640Policy Issues in Aging3
GRTG645Leadership and Program Management3
GRTG650Project Design and Management 13
GRTG750Master's Project and Integrative Seminar 13
GRTG790Thesis Practicum 16
PHIL615Ethics 13
SOCS600Social Gerontology 13
Total Credits36

 Course must be taken for credit at Bethel.

Sample Course Sequence

This example includes the courses for a hypothetical student that starts in the Fall Semester.

First Year
SOCS600 Social Gerontology3GRTG615 Aging and Diversity: Class, Gender, and Ethnicity3GRTG640 Policy Issues in Aging3
GRTG605 Health and Aging3PHIL615 Ethics3GRTG645 Leadership and Program Management3
GRTG610 Adult Development and Aging3GRTG620 Spirituality and Aging3 
 9 9 6
Second Year
GRTG650 Project Design and Management3GRTG790 Thesis Practicum6 
GRTG750 Master's Project and Integrative Seminar3  
 6 6 
Total Credits: 36