The required curriculum for the M.A. in Strategic Leadership comprises a 36 semester credit sequence of courses. Dual-Degree (MBA/MASL) students completing the M.A. degree in Strategic Leadership after having completed LEAD790 for the MBA degree must complete LEAD789 in addition to the curriculum below. Cannot be taken with an organizational leadership major.

LEAD607Engaging Your Potential0
LEAD611Leadership Theory & Personal Agency 13
LEAD621Worldview, Ethics and Leadership 13
LEAD631Leading Change in a Changing World 13
LEAD641Organizational Diagnostics and Health 13
LEAD651Leadership Formation and Strategic Talent Management 13
LEAD755Portfolio Integration and Capstone Development 12
LEAD790MBA/MASL Capstone Delivery 11
SLDR615Managing Projects & Quality Initiatives3
SLDR640Beyond Diversity3
SLDR650Managing Conflict Through Dialogue3
SLDR660Followership: The Other Side of Leadership3
SLDR670Collaborative Leadership and Associative Platforms3
SLDR789Portfolio Deliverable 10
Select one of the following:3
Experiencing Global Business
Topics in Leadership Studies
Global Leadership Summit Studies
Leading in Times of Crisis
Total Credits36

 Course must be taken for credit at Bethel.

Sample Course Sequence

This example includes the courses for a hypothetical student that starts in the Fall Semester. Depending on elective chosen, elective course may be taken at a different time than shown.

First Year
LEAD607 Engaging Your Potential0LEAD631 Leading Change in a Changing World3SLDR650 Managing Conflict Through Dialogue3
LEAD611 Leadership Theory Personal Agency3LEAD651 Leadership Formation and Strategic Talent Management3SLDR615 Managing Projects Quality Initiatives3
LEAD641 Organizational Diagnostics and Health3LEAD621 Worldview, Ethics and Leadership3 
 6 9 6
Second Year
SLDR660 Followership: The Other Side of Leadership3Elective 3 
SLDR670 Collaborative Leadership and Associative Platforms3SLDR789 Portfolio Deliverable0 
SLDR640 Beyond Diversity3LEAD790 MBA/MASL Capstone Delivery1 
 LEAD755 Portfolio Integration and Capstone Development2 
 9 6 
Total Credits: 36