The required curriculum for the Nurse Educator Certificate comprises a 15-16 semester credit sequence of primarily online courses. Certificate includes 58 hours field experience with NURS680 option or 90 hours field experience with NURS671 option.

NURS655Facilitating Learning4
NURS660Curriculum Design and Evaluation4
NURS685Innovations and Information Technologies for Nurse Educators4
NURS671Health Assessment for Nurse Educators3-4
or NURS680 Pathopharmacology for Nurse Educators
Total Credits15-16

Sample Course Sequence

This example includes the courses for a hypothetical student that starts in the Fall Semester.

First Year
NURS655 Facilitating Learning4NURS671 or 680 Health Assessment for Nurse Educators or Pathopharmacology for Nurse Educators3-4NURS680 or 671 Pathopharmacology for Nurse Educators or Health Assessment for Nurse Educators3-4
  NURS660 Curriculum Design and Evaluation4
 4 3-4 4
Second Year
NURS685 Innovations and Information Technologies for Nurse Educators4  
Total Credits: 15-16

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