The Postsecondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) program is a Minnesota State program allowing high school students to enroll in courses at local cooperating colleges and universities. Through the program, students do not have to pay for college tuition, textbooks, or support services, and cooperating postsecondary institutions receive partial expense reimbursement from the State of Minnesota.

Each year, Bethel admits a limited number of high school seniors through the PSEO program. PSEO students enrolled at Bethel must follow the policies and guidelines outlined below until graduating from high school. Bethel does not necessarily seek state reimbursement for all courses that PSEO students are taking.


PSEO students are assigned an academic advisor in the department of a major in which they may be interested. While Bethel works with students and their high school counselors to ensure that courses taken at Bethel meet high school graduation requirements, responsibility for completing those requirements rests on the student.

General Requirements and Policies for PSEO Student Registration

Within the limits and exceptions outlined below, students can take 100-level and 200-level classes for which they have met the prerequisites. Students can be registered for no more than 16 credits in a semester and no more than 4 credits in interim.

Required Courses

PSEO students are required to complete at least one of the following courses during their first academic year in the PSEO program at Bethel: GES 140 Introduction to Wellbeing, GES 145 Western Humanity I, GES 160 Inquiry Seminar, or HON 160 Pietas Seminar I.

Excluded Courses

Students cannot be registered for courses that focus on the Bible or Theological issues (courses with the prefix BIB, THE, or MIN). PSEO students cannot be registered for sports courses that have fees of $30 or greater. 

Additional Notes

A limited number of online courses are available to PSEO students. General Education Entry Standing is determined at the beginning of the PSEO year and cannot be changed by earning additional credits if the student continues beyond the Bethel PSEO year.

For some courses, Bethel does not receive reimbursement from the state, but students may be registered while they are a PSEO student at Bethel. These courses are listed below.

Christianity & Western Culture
Humanities I: Greco-Roman through Middle Ages
Humanities II: Renaissance and Reformation
Humanities III: European Enlightenment and American Culture to 1877
Humanities IV: Modern and Contemporary Western Culture
Introductory Biblical Hebrew I
Introductory Biblical Greek I
Hispanic Christianity
Meaning, Persons, and God
Politics and Religion in the United States
Religions of India, China and Japan


Students do not pay tuition nor academic fees, with the exception of music lessons or trip expenses.

Summer Courses

Tuition and fees for summer school courses are not covered by the PSEO program, though PSEO students may choose to take summer school courses and cover the cost of tuition and fees themselves.