Minor in Literature

Minor in Literature
Choose two Foundations courses:6-7
How Stories Change the World
Story in Modern America
Humanities IV: Modern and Contemporary Western Culture
Choose four of the following Specialty Literature courses:12-13
British Literature I
British Literature II
American Literary Traditions
Juvenile Literature
World Literature
Modern Mythmakers
Shakepeare: The Art of Drama
Chaucer and Writers of Arthurian Quests
Medieval Identities and the Origins of Modern Racism
Truth-Telling: The Stories of Resistance
Literature of Faith: Christianity & Islam
Monsters and the Monstrous
3 Books That Changed Me
Stories of Refugees and Migrants
Ways of Reading
Travel Writing
Total Credits18-20

Courses whose number is followed by a letter fulfill a General Education requirement.

Students may not declare a Minor in Literature and B.A. in English with a Literary Studies emphasis.

Students may not declare a Minor in Literature and a B.A. in Communication Arts and Literature Education 5-12 (English Education). 

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