The Film Studies minor provides an interdisciplinary program of study that seeks to understand film as an art form, as a medium of communication, and as a cultural force for shaping attitudes, values, and views of the world.

Minor in Film Studies

FLM 200 • Introduction to Film 3 Credits.

How do films construct meaning and in what contexts are they created and interpreted? Consideration of film as both an art form and a cultural product, and focus on film language, history, culture, and criticism.
Offered: Spring.

FLM 300 • Film Theory and Interpretation 4 Credits.

Study of narrative film as a significant art form, including its origins, development, movements, and genres. Both classic and contemporary films will be examined from a wide variety of theoretical perspectives and specific interpretations. Emphasizes the development of analytical skills, writing proficiency, and aesthetic appreciation.
Prerequisites: FLM 200; junior standing or consent of instructor. Offered: Spring, even # years

FLM 305 • Films of Great Directors 3 Credits.

Study of representative films by selected directors, emphasizing the director’s distinctive themes and cinematic styles. Considers the role of historical and cultural factors in shaping a director’s artistic vision. Representative filmmakers may include Bergman, Ford, Hitchcock, Kieslowski, Kurosawa, Scorsese, and Truffaut.
Prerequisites: FLM 200 or consent of instructor. Offered: Interim

FLM 481 • Internship in Film 3-4 Credits.

Placement in an off-campus position in the film industry or allied fields. Student is responsible for finding and securing the position with an appropriate individual or organization. Plan must be approved in advance of placement by the film studies advisor.
Prerequisites: Completion of six credit hours toward the film studies minor. Offered: By arrangement