Minor in Linguistics
LIN 210ZIntroduction to Second Language Acquisition3
LIN 300Introduction to Linguistics3
Select two courses from World Languages:6-8
Introductory American Sign Language I
Introductory American Sign Language II
Introductory Chinese I
Introductory Chinese II
Introductory French I
Introductory French II
Introductory Biblical Greek I
Introductory Biblical Greek II
Introductory Biblical Hebrew I
Introductory Biblical Hebrew II
Introductory Latin I
Introductory Latin II
Introductory Spanish I
Introductory Spanish II
Courses at SIL-UND
LING 450Articulatory Phonetics2
LING452Syntax and Morphology I3
LING470Introduction to Sociolinguistics2
LING480Learner-Directed Second Language Acquisition3
Total Credits *22-24

The minor in linguistics is offered in collaboration with the Summer Institute of Linguistics–University of North Dakota (SIL-UND), the organization that provides training in linguistics for Wycliffe translators and missionaries.

College of Arts Sciences