International Programs

Please contact the Office of International Studies and Off-Campus Programs for more information regarding program options, eligibility, application processes and billing policies. The programs listed in the catalog are a sampling of offerings and locations, not an exhaustive list. For a complete listing of program offerings and application information, visit Bethel's study abroad website

Semester Programs

To participate in a semester program, students must have at least sophomore status (second year or minimum of 30 credits). Seniors interested in a semester abroad must participate in a program meeting the Bethel residency requirement or receive special permission to pursue admission to a different program. Bethel requires a minimum 2.5 grade point average, with some programs having higher requirements. With the exception of LCC International University, the programs described in this catalog offers courses that will count toward the Bethel GPA as they would during a semester on-campus. Students must complete the approval process through the Office of International Studies and Off-Campus Programs.

Spain Term 

Bethel University offers a semester academic program in Segovia, Spain. An hour from the capital city of Madrid, Segovia is a town rich in history, architecture, and cultural sites. This program is primarily directed toward students interested in furthering their proficiency in the Spanish language and knowledge of culture. All classes are taught in Spanish at the Center for Hispanic Studies. Students have the opportunity to interact with native Spanish speakers and university students through organized culture and language exchanges at the center. More cultural interaction takes place with Spanish host families. Though geared toward Spanish majors, Spain Term is open to students who have completed the equivalent of two years of college-level Spanish courses.

Third Party Programs

LCC International University (Lithuania)

LCC is a four-year educational institution with a North American style of education focused on liberal arts and leadership development. LCC is noted for having an international campus community, with students and staff from all over Eastern Europe and faculty from Europe, the United States, and Canada. The campus is located in Klaipeda, a port city on the Baltic Sea and a major Eastern European cultural center. Courses are taught in English in the core areas of theology, psychology, sociology, writing, and business. Students live in dorms with European students and have the opportunity to travel to Russia, Latvia, Estonia, and other Eastern European destinations. Students generally enroll in 15 semester hours of transfer credit.

Middle East Studies Program (MESP)

MESP, based in Amman, Jordan, allows students to explore and interact with the complex and strategic world of the modern Middle East. Interdisciplinary seminars give students the opportunity to explore the diverse religious, social, cultural, and political traditions of Middle Eastern people. In addition to seminars, students study Arabic and work as volunteers with various organizations. Through travel to other Middle Eastern nations, students are exposed to the diversity and dynamism of the region. MESP encourages and equips students to relate to the Muslim world in an informed, constructive, and Christ-centered manner at a time of tension and change. Students enroll in 15-18 semester hours of credit.

Scholars’ Semester in Oxford 

Honors and other highly qualified students have the opportunity to study in England through an interdisciplinary semester at one of the colleges of Oxford University. This rigorous academic program, aimed at increasing critical thinking skills and scholarship from a Christian perspective, allows participants to choose from a wide variety of tutorial study programs in religious studies, history, English, history of science, and philosophy. In addition to two Oxford tutorials, students participate in a seminar and an integrative course through which they produce a scholarly project or term paper. Field trips provide opportunities for experiential learning in England’s rich historical setting. Students enroll in 17 semester hours of credit.

Other International Study Opportunities

Other study abroad programs approved by Bethel are available during interim or semester terms. These programs can be arranged for students through the Office of International Studies and Off-Campus Programs.

Approved Semester Provider Programs

The Office of International Studies and Off-Campus Programs maintains a list of approved organizations assisting students in their study abroad endeavors. Typically open to sophomores and juniors, these programs provide options in numerous locations and disciplines. Students can stay enrolled at Bethel and utilize most forms of financial aid while participating in an approved provider program.

Bethel Interim Programs

Bethel faculty members often teach interim courses in international settings. These classes are offered in a variety of subject areas. Courses vary from year to year. All students must have a minimum 2.2 grade point average and complete the Office of International and Off-Campus Programs approval process. Open to any undergraduate students, assuming prerequisites are met.

Outside Interim Programs

Several study abroad programs offer January Term courses in a variety of locations and subject matter. Information is available in the Office of International and Off-Campus Programs. All students must meet Bethel's minimum standards (minimum 2.2 grade point average and clear disciplinary record) and complete the Office of International and Off-Campus Programs approval process as well as the application process of their chosen program including petitioning the coursework for transfer credit

Summer Programs

All students must have a minimum 2.2 grade point average (or higher, depending on the program) and complete the standard study abroad approval process. Seniors must meet residency requirements. Contact the Office of International and Off-Campus Programs for a complete list of summer options.

Oxford Summer Programme 

The Oxford Summer Programme (OSP) is a program of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU) and Wycliffe Hall, Oxford. The program is designed for students wishing to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the relationship between Christianity and the development of the West and who wish to do specialized work under expert Oxford academics in the areas of history, religious studies, political theory, philosophy, English, and the history of science. The Programme is structured for rising college sophomores, juniors, and seniors; graduate and seminary students; nontraditional students; teachers; and those enrolled in continuing education programs.

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