Bethel’s total academic program comprises courses in a major, General Education requirements, and electives. A minimum of 122 semester hours is required to graduate with a Bachelors degree. These credit hours are distributed in the following way:

Major 30-86 semester credit hours
General Education 49-50 semester credit hours
Electives 0-43 semester credit hours

The requirements of the major affect the number of electives a student takes. Students in some majors may be required to take more than 122 credits. All students have the option to do so.

Students are required to meet the graduation requirements of the printed version of the catalog that is published for the academic year in which they enter Bethel. If new majors or minors are added to the curriculum after the publication of the printed version of the catalog, currently enrolled students must meet the requirements of that major or minor as it is first published. Currently enrolled students may choose to enroll in newly added majors and minors, and must meet the requirements of that major or minor as it is first published. 

Each student is assigned an academic advisor to assist with academic and career planning. Students may also work with the Office of Career Development and Calling to explore career options. Students are responsible to assure that they have fulfilled graduation requirements and should use their degree evaluation to do so. 


Students choose their major from an academic department or a multidisciplinary program. They may also choose to develop an individualized major designed to meet their needs and interests. In some cases, it is possible to complete a second major by using elective credits or increasing the total number of credits taken. At least half of the credits used to meet the requirements of a major must be taken at Bethel. A 2.25 GPA in the major is required unless otherwise noted in the Academic Programs section of this catalog.


Though not required, many students choose to complete a minor in order to pursue an area of interest or as a complement to their major. Minors range between 18-24 semester credit hours. Students may choose to use their elective credits toward the minor or take additional credits. Students may not earn a minor in a program in which they are receiving or have received a major except where specifically noted in the Academic Program section of this catalog. At least nine (9) credits of any minor must be completed at Bethel.