The Doctor of Ministry in Congregation and Family Care program is designed for pastors and ministry staff of churches as well as for those carrying specific responsibilities in the areas of pastoral care, counseling, and spiritual formation. Persons in the program will explore the most common spiritual, mental health, and relational issues encountered in ministry; plan appropriate strategies of care and guidance for those issues; attain insight into how their own spiritual, mental, emotional, theological, and cultural formation affects their ministries; and practice contextualization and theological reflection with regard to issues of human need and pastoral care.

Earning the Doctor of Ministry in Congregation and Family Care degree requires completion of 48 semester credits and the completion of the Mid-Career Assessment Process. In addition to the thesis process, concentration courses, and elective courses, all persons in the program will take 18 credits of required courses: Personal Well-Being & Ministry Effectiveness; Integral Research and Writing; Thesis Proposal Foundations; and Thesis Proposal Workshop.

Degree Requirements

Doctor of Ministry: Self Directed Programs

Doctor of Ministry students are required to complete 7 Class Units (3 credit course plus a 3 credit course project) and a Thesis Project.

Core Requirements
GS 001Graduate Research Seminar0
GS 801
GS 801P
Integral Research & Writing
and Integral Research & Writing: Project
ML 810
ML 810P
Personal Well-Being and Ministry Effectiveness
and Personal Well-Being and Ministry Effectiveness: Project
GS 901
GS 902
Thesis Proposal Foundations
and Thesis Proposal Workshop
Concentration, Theology, and Elective Courses See Footnote: "Conc. Notes" for more details
Concentration Course6
& Concentration Course Project
Concentration Course6
& Concentration Course Project
Bible/Theology Course6
& Bible/Theology Course Project
Elective Course (from any concentration)6
& Elective Course Project
Thesis Project Courses and Requirements See Footnote: "Thesis Notes" for more details
GS 991Thesis Project A Pass/Fail3
GS 992Thesis Project B Pass/Fail3
GS 993Thesis Project C3
Oral Defense, Final Editorial Revisions, & Colloquium 10
Mid-Career Assessments
TL 005Doctor of Ministry Assessments 10
Total Credits 248-51