The purpose of the Master of Arts in Transformational Leadership (M.A.T.L) is to prepare emerging and established leaders for ministry and service in churches, parachurch organizations, civic organizations, non-profit organizations, and businesses. A growing number of churches and organizations in America and around the world, as well as global mission agencies, are large and highly complex organizations. These organizations require increasing levels of leadership sophistication. Persons prepared through this program will be equipped to take on leadership in these fluid and continually growing endeavors. The M.A.T.L. is a cooperative venture between Bethel Seminary and designated partner organizations which provide a supervised leadership context and sponsor an individual student or student cohort group. This unique educational setting provides a day-to-day leadership context for study, leadership development, spiritual and personal formation, and practical application. The program allows non-resident students, currently serving in supervised leadership settings, to complete the degree requirements through technology-mediated delivery, with a mixture of distance courses, local, on-site mentored leadership courses, and on-campus intensives taught at the St. Paul campus. A hallmark of this program is the link between classroom learning, peer interaction among the cohort group, and practical application in the supervised leadership context of the student.

The objectives of the program are as follows:

  1. A comprehensive understanding of biblical content, a discerning approach to biblical interpretation, and theological reflection informed by historical traditions.
  2. Growth in emotional, spiritual, and relational health resulting in observable love for God and neighbor.
  3. The capacity and skills to provide biblically based, effective leadership in a variety of settings, including local churches, non-profit organizations, and ministry agencies.
  4. Intercultural competence for the purpose of advancing the Gospel in his or her local community and the global arena.
  5. Integration of biblical knowledge, leadership theory and practice, and personal and spiritual formation into his or her ministry context.

Campus and Delivery

St. Paul: Online with Intensives


Degree Requirements

Master of Arts in Transformational Leadership - St. Paul

Online with Intensives

Core Requirements
BT 510Hermeneutics3
HS 501Church History: From the Early Church to the Reformation1.5
HS 502Church History: The Church in the Modern World1.5
ML/TS 517DEChristian Social Ethics for the Workplace3
NT 516New Testament Survey: Narratives, Letters, and Revelation3
OT 516Old Testament Survey: Law, Prophets and Writings3
OT 518Old Testament: Exegetical Explorations3
or NT 518 New Testament: Exegetical Explorations
TS 512Systematic Theology I: God the Creator3
TS 513Systematic Theology II: God the Redeemer3
Degree Specific Courses
ML 523Introduction to Transformational Leadership: Theory and Practice in Global Perspective3
ML 630Team Leadership in Global Perspective3
ML 631DELeadership Communication in Global Perspective3
ML 632DEThe Global Mission of the Church3
ML 633Stewardship, Change and the Missional Community3
ML 780Senior Integrative Seminar: Global Leadership in the 21st-Century1.5
Other Requirements
GS 001Graduate Research Seminar0
ML 551DEMentored Leadership Development (MATL) A0.75
ML 552DEMentored Leadership Development (MATL) B0.75
SP 001Formation Assessments0
TL 001Vocational Assessments0
Total Credits42

A minimum of 42 semester credits is required for graduation from an M.A.T.L. program. The student is responsible for meeting all graduation deadlines and requirements.