Our Specialized Studies

Jerusalem University College

Bethel Seminary provides an outstanding opportunity both to study the Bible in the land of the Bible, as well as to study language, social and political culture, religions, and historical relationships in the Near East. Bethel Seminary is a member of the Consortium of Associated Schools, which is based at Jerusalem University College on Mount Zion, along with some 85 other accredited institutions of higher learning from around the world.

Jerusalem University College (JUC) is also an independent graduate degree-granting institution of higher education in Israel. Courses are taught by Israelis and Palestinians as well as expatriates who have lived in the land for some time. Among the faculty of JUC are those who are also on the faculties of Hebrew University, Tel Aviv University, Bethlehem University, and Bar-Ilan University.

Bethel students can study at JUC for a semester as part of their Bethel program or take advantage of one or two short-term field-based courses. Students should consult the Bethel representative and registrar prior to enrolling.

For more information, contact Bethel’s JUC representative Paul Ferris (pferris@bethel.edu) or:

4249 E. State St., Suite 203
Rockford, IL 61108

Clinical Pastoral Education

Summer, semester or extended programs in Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) approved by the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education are available for academic credit. Students may receive transfer credit for one CPE unit completed before entering Bethel Seminary if that unit was taken at an accredited CPE site and the student provides written documentation of successful completion.

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