Advertising Guidelines

The links below provide guidelines for advertising in the following areas:

For advertising strategies that do not fit the parameters outlined in these guidelines, a written request for approval must be made to the Administrative Assistant for Student Life at 651.638.6902 a minimum of seven days prior to the first date the advertising will be displayed.

Advertising using Banner Brackets

This venue of advertising is reserved for Bethel events that welcome the entire Bethel University community across all four schools (i.e. CAS Homecoming, Black History Month events, etc.). This venue of advertising is NOT available for dates of commencement and Festival of Christmas. The one and only approved location for these banner brackets to be mounted is the 3rd floor railing between AC and CC buildings, facing the Egg).


  • Requestors pay for cost to produce banner itself.  Some information provided by Print Services; some rates may have changed. Contact Print Services for current costs at 651.638.6358.
  • 44" banner maximum width; 5' maximum length (only as low as bottom of 2nd floor ceiling, cannot hang below that)
  • Brackets can only be mounted by Facilities Management for security reasons; requestors must pay for this service. Must use magnet weights on the bottom.
  • Each requesting group can post up to 1 time per term (fall, interim, spring, summer).
  • Banner can hang up to one week in advance of events and also during events. Teardown of banner and brackets must be within 24 hours after last event is done.
  • Pursue Use of this Venue of Advertising
  • Print and complete the Banner Bracket Advertising form (pdf) to obtain required signatures (available from the Office of Student Life Front Desk)
  • Upon approval, work with the Administrative Assistant for Student Life to order brackets to be mounted and for the banner to be readily accessible for Facilities Management to mount on the brackets.
  • Order a Banner through Print Services

What are the material options and cost?

Paper options:

  • Plain Paper
  • Photo Gloss
  • Indoor Vinyl (a light weight, tear and water resistant vinyl)
  • Outdoor Banner Vinyl (heavy weight water resistant Vinyl)
  • Canvas (water resistant)

Size options (media comes in different size rolls):

  • 17” (canvas only)
  • 24” (all media’s)
  • 36” (plain, photo gloss, indoor vinyl & canvas)
  • 42” (plain, photo gloss, indoor vinyl & banner vinyl)
  • 44” (indoor vinyl, banner vinyl & canvas)

Print Services tries to keep the 24” in stock at all times. Please check with them a few days in advance for available options. They can order more in but it may take a few days. They can order other media as well; please check with Print Services to get cost and options for special orders.

Price per square foot (based on the media width):

  • Plain Paper $2.99
  • Photo Gloss $3.99
  • Indoor Vinyl $4.49
  • OD Banner Vinyl $5.99
  • Canvas $5.99

Turn-around time for producing a banner?:

  • Turn-around time depends on the size and the media. Print Services tries to turn any job around the same day but that’s not always possible. If the banner is large or on specialty media please allow for extra time.

Cost for color or black and white?:

  • The price is the same for black & white or color. The exception is on 24# text weight paper, which costs $2.20 per square foot.

Brushaber Commons Table Request

Commons Promo Table Request

Who can request a Commons promo table?

  • The primary purpose of the commons table is for compass advertising. They are available to Bethel employees, Bethel students, and off-campus groups who desire to advertise to the Bethel community M-F 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. If the purpose for advertising does not fall under the “ministry, employer, non-profit” umbrella, advertisers are required to pay a usage fee of $50/day per table reservation. This requirement includes students selling products for personal gain and also political candidates looking to campaign on-campus. Checks should be written to 'Bethel University' and received by student life before the display table request is approved. Mailing address for Student Life:
Student Life 
RE: display table request
Bethel University #2388
3900 Bethel Drive
St. Paul, MN 55112

How does one request the use of a promo table?

  • Bethel employees, request a promo table through virtual EMS on My Bethel (Campus Services tab > Campus Services - Quick Links channel > Room Request). Contact Brian Metcalf for more information on how to request a promo table at (; 651.638.6107).
  • Bethel students request a display table through the Loft receptionists (; 651.638.6113).

Off-campus groups:

  • Find an appropriate BU department or office to sponsor the request (to vouch for its appropriateness for campus). Contact the Office of Student Life at for more information.
  • The BU sponsor will give further instructions on the next step to coordinate the submission of any request to use a display table.

What should a person know before deciding to advertise using a promo table?

  • The purpose of Commons Table is for advertisement.
  • The limit is one table per presentation for up to three days.
  • When reserved, these four tables are located along the brick wall in the courtyard area of Brushaber Commons.
  • Table reservations are available beginning the first day of classes in the fall and ending the last day of classes in the spring. 
  • Tables are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis upon receipt of online request.

Playing music is allowed at a reserved Commons table, but there are some guidelines. In preparation for a presentation, consider there may be up to three other presenters at nearby tables. Please plan to consult with the other presenters on an acceptable volume. If there are no other presenters, please consult with the Office of Student Life front desk on an acceptable volume. When choosing music selections, consider the Bethel community and choose appropriate music. To discuss music selections and their appropriateness for the Bethel community, consult an advisor and/or sponsoring department.

Note: Consider allergies! Due to severe allergies on campus no latex balloons are allowed on Bethel’s campus. This venue for advertising is overseen by the Commons managers in the Loft (BC 4th floor, left of the stairway/elevators). Any questions about these guidelines should be directed to Student Life.

Chalking Guidelines

All requests for using chalk must be reviewed by the Director of Student Activities and Campus Engagement. Make sure to plan requests well in advance to allow ample time for review.

Guidelines For Your Advertisement

  • Chalking is not allowed indoors. 
  • It is also not allowed in these outdoor areas: anywhere around the CLC building or on any of the pavers (cobblestone walkways).
  • Chalking can only be done one day prior to event/program.
  • When chalking, the date for the advertised event must be included. It is not helpful to just write “tonight.” It must say “Tonight, April 4th” since chalking does wear/wash off immediately after an event.
  • If there are too many past advertisements due to lack of rainfall, the Director of Student Activities and Campus Engagement will put out a chalking ban (unless a group wants to go out with a bucket and scrub off the old chalkings).

Submitting Requests

  • Groups must receive approval at least 24 hours in advance of when they would like their chalk advertisement displayed. Student Life tracks all approved requests so there are not multiple groups chalking at the same time.

To submit a request, contact the Director of Student Activities and Campus Engagement. Include student’s name, who is putting on the event, the date(s) of the event, and a brief description of the event.

Directional Signage Guidelines

Bethel University Guidelines for Posting Directional Signage on Campus:

Many guests who are not familiar with Bethel’s parking lots or buildings visit our campus for conferences, meetings, and other events. For Bethel‐sponsored events, it is the responsibility of the event owners to provide directions or directional signage for their off‐campus guests so they do not get lost. For rental events, it is the responsibility of conference services to provide this. Providing adequate, clear directions or directional signage is essential in setting a welcoming tone and preventing anxiety and frustration. In some cases, specific directions can be communicated over the phone, mail or email. A helpful reference for guests is the Maps & Directions link at the bottom of the Bethel home page or its print version (the Bethel Campus Guide); these resources include maps and driving directions. In other cases, especially for large groups of guests, it is necessary to provide exterior and/or interior directional signage once guests arrive on campus.

Exterior directional signs can be posted in kiosks along Bethel Drive to direct guests to the appropriate parking lot. To request exterior signs for an event, conference, or meeting, print and complete the Exterior Sign Request form and send it to Conference and Event Services at least one week before the event. A budget number is required to cover the cost of printing these 19 x 31” signs. Exterior signs are recommended for large groups (>50) of off‐campus guests who are not familiar with the campus. Interior directional signs can be posted in hallways to guide guests to a particular campus venue once they have stepped inside a campus building. Directional signs do not follow the same policy guidelines as posters that advertise events or programs. Signs that advertise an event or program can only be posted in certain approved locations; directional signs need to be posted along the walking route to a particular venue.

Bethel guidelines for posting interior directional signs:

  • Directional signs must be computer generated and printed on 8½x11” paper. They cannot be handwritten.
  • All signs must be stamped, dated, and approved before they can be posted. Event Services, CAS Student Life, CAS Admissions, CAS Academic Affairs, the CAPS/GS Office, and Seminary Student Life have stamps and approval rights. Bring your signs to one of these offices for approval before posting. Posted signs that are not stamped will be taken down.
  • Directional signs are to be posted for the shortest length of time required. In other words, they should be posted the day before or the day of the event. The event owner is responsible for removing the signs immediately after the event or on the following day at the latest.
  • Similarly, event owners should use the fewest number of signs required to clearly direct their guests to the venue. Signs are needed at turns, stairs/elevators, hallway junctures, and periodically along long, straight routes.
  • In determining the walking route, event owners should consider the needs of guests who may prefer or require an elevator route.
  • Signs cannot be posted on these surfaces: white art walls in Brushaber Commons, donor walls, railings, or floors.

Mascot Costume Rental

Who is eligible to rent the lion costume?

Bethel students, offices, and departments advertising for a Bethel-sponsored, student-related event are eligible to rent these costumes. Email the assistant dean for campus programs at or visit The Loft to inquire about renting one of these costumes.

How long can the costume be rented?

The lion costume can be rented two days before an event begins and two after an event ends. Renters must return the costume, laundered, within two days after the end of the event or the renter’s account will be charged.

Monson Dining Center Advertising

Table Tents

  • All materials posted on the tables of the Monson Dining Center must be approved by the main offices of Dining Services.
  • A calendar is maintained in the Dining Services office to regulate the number of table tents and other materials on tables at the same time. A log is also maintained to record the group name, phone, and other contact information for each item that is placed on the tables.
  • Print the correct quantity of table tents: 90 for Monson Dining Center (includes upper and lower levels) and 40 for 3900 Grill.
  • All materials must be printed on study enough cardstock to remain standing for the whole time they are on the tables. Materials printed on regular paper are not accepted.
  • All materials posted must be no bigger than the size of an 8½" x 11" sheet of cardstock folded in half. Smaller sized postings are also encouraged.
  • All materials will be removed at the end of each week by the Dining Services staff.
  • Any materials that are soiled with food or are unapproved will immediately be removed by the Dining Services staff.
Posting Announcements on the Visix Flatscreens

Contact Dining Services at 651.635.8578 if interested in using this venue of advertising.

Hallway Area Near 3900 Grill

Due to traffic, security, and location, this floor space can only be used by Sodexo for related advertising needs. If interested in using a table for advertising in the Brushaber Commons, consider submitting a Commons Promo Table Request.

Poster Advertising

The guidelines below represent a collaborative agreement between Campus Services, the Office of Marketing and Communicationsand the CAS Student Life Office. The group that monitors the implementation of these guidelines meets regularly to interpret and modify the guidelines as necessary.

All Bethel University schools, including the College of Arts & Sciences (CAS), the College of Adult & Professional Studies (CAPS), the Graduate School (GS), and Bethel Seminary, are expected to follow these guidelines. These guidelines reside with the Office of Student Life since the majority of posters and advertising requests come from CAS students and departments.

Questions can be directed to the Administrative Assistant for Student Life (; 651.638.6300).

Design and Layout Criteria for Posters


  • Suggested: 12" x 18" (typically $1.50 per poster at Print Services); or 
  • 13" x 19" (typically $1.75 per poster at Print Services)
  • Maximum: 18” x 24” (1.5’ x 2’)
  • An exception is made for campus-wide events such as Chapel, Homecoming, Festival of Christmas, Commencement, Family Weekend, Welcome Weekend, and inaugural events. The maximum size for these posters is 24" x 36" (2' x 3'). Please contact the Administrative Assistant for Student Life (651.638.6300) to appeal for a campus-wide event to be added to the above list.


  • All designs must be appropriate based on Bethel’s core values.


  • Please consider it will need to be stamped with black or green ink.

Number of Posters

  • Non-Bethel events (not Bethel-affiliated): 5
  • Bethel events (Bethel-sponsored): 11
  • Church events: 6

Approval of Posters

  • All posters, signs, and wall hangings need to be stamped or they will be removed (with the exception of the permanent, assigned art displays around campus). Posters can be approved to hang, for up to two weeks maximum. An exception is made only for posters showing one month's worth of events, such as chapel posters. Please contact the Administrative Assistant in the CAS Student Life Office to appeal for any exceptions.
  • The kind of event being advertised for will determine who approves the poster:
    • Advertisements of events related to academics: Office of Academic Affairs
    • Ministry-related events/activities not taking place at a church: Office of Christian Formation and Church Relations
    • Church promotions or events taking place at a church: Offices of Christian Formation and Church Relations or Seminary Student Life (Seminary Student Life has their own advertising locations not described below)
    • Employment recruiters, internships, or camps: Office of Career Development and Calling
    • BSG-supported clubs and organizations: Bethel Student Government
    • Events that invite the entire Bethel community or events that may be advertised in CAS campus housing (and do not fall under any of the prior criteria)
  • For all poster requests, submit a completely filled out Poster Approval Form (pdf) to CAS Student Life for approval 

​There are some offices (see below) that are pre-authorized to put up posters on various walls around campus related to conferences, notices, warnings, or alerts. These posters can be up 24 hours prior to the event and must be taken down within 24 hours following the event. All materials from these offices require an approval stamp from their own office or they will be taken down. These offices do not participate in the general approval process of posters. Please contact the Administrative Assistant in the Office of Student Life if you want to appeal for your office to be added to the following list:

Expectations for Hanging Posters

  • In the BC, there are sticky boards that don't require tape. There are poster strips in the stairwells of the academic buildings which also do not require tape. On all other poster walls, use BLUE painter’s tape only & loop it on the back of the poster.  No exceptions. Other tape leaves residue on a surface if attached for more than 14 days.
  • Use clear tape on see-through glass surfaces as long as it is looped, not flat.
  • On poster walls without sticky boards, the bottom of a poster must not be higher than six feet from the floor.
  • Posters may only be placed on designated walls.
  • The side walls of designated poster walls may not be used.
  • No duplicate posters allowed on a poster wall.

Post Office Advertising Guidelines

What advertisements are reviewed for consideration?

The advertisements that fall under this policy are advertisements that are intended to be distributed to Bethel Post Office boxes. Neither non-Bethel organizations nor political solicitations are permitted to advertise using these mailboxes. All advertisements MUST be sponsored by a Bethel department that is willing to vouch for the appropriateness of the advertisement for campus. Requests that fall outside of these guidelines will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the CAS Student Life Office.

What is the process for approval?

  • Print a post office advertising request form (pdf).
  • Complete the form and obtain the appropriate signatures indicated at the bottom of the form.
  • Submit the following items to the Office Manager in the Office of Student Life:
    • Completed and signed form
    • A sample copy of advertisement (this must exactly match the advertisement that is being distributed)
  • Review for approval may take a few days. In cases that require a wait, the student will be notified via phone or email whether or not the advertisement distribution is approved.
  • If distribution approval is received, the student will retrieve the following items from the Office of Student Life and bring them to the Post Office:
    • The signed, authorized copy of the form
    • The stamped copy of the advertisement
  • The Post Office will arrange a date and time for advertisement distribution. See distribution guidelines below:
    • Priority will be on a first-reserved basis.
    • Distribution during chapel will not be approved.
    • One organization will be allowed to distribute at a time.
  • It takes approximately 30 to 40 minutes for four people to do a full distribution.
  • Distributions can be done by up to four persons at a time from the sponsoring organization.

Please refer any further questions to the Administrative Assistant for Student Life.

Skyway Advertising

Who is eligible to make reservations?

Bethel students, offices, and departments advertising for a Bethel-sponsored, student-related event are eligible to reserve this space. Print the Skyway Advertising Request Form (pdf). Complete the form and turn it into the Administrative Assistant for Student Life ( The Office of Student Life is limited to approving four events per semester.

Where are these reservable spaces?

The east skyway (between HC and CC buildings) and west skyway (windows on 3rd floor directly between AC and CC buildings). Advertisers may only use one skyway location per event. 

How long can a reservation be?

Advertisers can advertise in a skyway starting one week before an event begins and ending 24 hours after the event ends. Any skyway display must be completely removed within 24 hours of the end of the event. If the advertiser is unable to do so, Facilities Management will clean the windows and bill the advertiser’s account for the labor.

Who needs to approve reservations before anything can get started?

Reservation and artwork preview must be approved by:

  • The BSG Executive Director of Marketing and Communications, 
  • The Manager of Building Services or designated signer in Facilities Management and 
  • The Administrative Assistant for Student Life.

If a reservation is approved, what is the process from there?

Advertisers will begin planning for the display. Only window paints, window markers, glass paints, or tempera paint diluted with dish soap are to be used in the display. Other paints are not allowed because they are very difficult to clean and sometimes stain the windows.

Please refer any further questions to the Administrative Assistant for Student Life (; 651.638.6902).

The Egg Advertising

"The Egg" refers to the platform at the bottom of the main staircase in the BC courtyard.

The only advertising option for this venue is to post one easel with one sign on it on the Egg between the stairs and the platform-to-ceiling column. The maximum size of the sign is 18" x 24". The one exception is, BSG is pre-approved to use this advertising venue in unique ways (i.e. Quest Forum projector, mannequins, tables); there are no other exceptions. 

To request this venue for advertising, print and complete The Egg Advertising Form (pdf). These requests should be submitted to the Administrative Assistant for Student Life (651.638.6902) and will be reviewed for approval on a case-by-case basis.


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