Alcohol Possession and Use and Violent Acts or Threats Policies

Alcohol Possession and Use Policy

The possession and/or use of alcohol is prohibited for students in the BUILD Program during the academic year.

While within the Bethel community and the Christian community broadly there are differing opinions concerning the use of alcohol, the majority of students on Bethel’s campus are under the age of 21. As a residential program, the BUILD program attempts to create a community that facilitates an educationally powerful campus climate focused on academic engagement and interpersonal relationships. Alcohol on college campuses has been found to impede both of these goals. Therefore, Bethel students are required to refrain from the possession and/or use of alcohol, on and off campus, during the academic year. The academic year begins when students arrive on campus for official campus activities such as leadership positions, athletic participation, and work as a Bethel student employee, or when the student returns to college housing for the school year for any other purpose. The school year ends after commencement and when students have moved out of their Bethel housing for that school year. Students attending Bethel classes during the summer or who are employed by Bethel University during the summer months remain under the alcohol use restriction.

Educational programs focused on the physical, intellectual, and emotional effects of alcohol use are available to all members of the Bethel community. Those who find themselves struggling with alcohol or substance abuse or addiction can find help through the Office of Student Life, Counseling Services, or Health Services. Students who come to the Office of Student Life seeking help for alcohol-related issues will be responded to under the non-disciplinary policy.

Failure to comply with Bethel’s alcohol possession and use policy will result in disciplinary responses up to and including suspension from the university. For further explanation of disciplinary responses to alcohol possession and use, see Disciplinary Policy and Procedures. See Drug and Alcohol Abuse Resources.  

Drug and Alcohol Free Campus

The standards of conduct at Bethel University clearly prohibit the use, possession, and/or distribution of illicit drugs and alcohol by students and employees on Bethel premises. Additionally, because of the special community nature of the BUILD program and the ages of the majority of its students, students in the BUILD program will abstain from the use or possession of  alcoholic beverages during the school year (on and off campus) or while participating in any Bethel-sponsored activity throughout the year. See the Covenant for Life Together expectations, university policies concerning alcohol and drug use, resources for rehabilitation and counseling, and disciplinary sanctions regarding this policy.

Use of these substances may lead to substance dependency, lack of productivity, chronic health problems, and even death in extreme cases. Information about health risks associated with the use of illicit drugs and the abuse of alcohol; about applicable sanctions under local, state, and federal laws; and about available treatment, counseling, and rehabilitation programs for drug users and alcohol abusers will be distributed yearly.

The university will impose sanctions on community members who violate laws and/or campus policy up to and including dismissal or expulsion and may refer them for prosecution under local, state, and federal law. Legal sanctions under applicable local, state, or federal laws may include incarceration, significant monetary fines, probationary terms, and other penalties.

Rehabilitation may become a condition of continuing association with the institution. Appropriate referral to counseling and health agencies will be made for individuals as needed. The Office of Student Life is available to provide support, additional information, and educational opportunities.

Violent Acts or Threats 

The university will not tolerate acts or threats of violence against members of this community or retaliation against any individual reporting a threat or act of violence. This prohibition includes verbal, non-verbal, or written actions and all forms of intimidation. Student Life staff and security and safety personnel may require students involved in prohibited conduct to leave campus immediately pending the investigation of the incident. Violations of this policy, regardless of intent, may result in suspension or other disciplinary action, up to and including expulsion from the university.

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