Health Information

Health & Fitness

  • Students make their own decisions about when and what to eat and whether they choose to follow an exercise plan. 
  • Students and families are encouraged to discuss healthy eating habits and exercise. 
  • Though BUILD staff and mentors provide ongoing coaching and reminders regarding health and fitness habits, they do not monitor students’ diet, exercise, and weight.
  • The curricula the BUILD program uses for the Independent Living and Physical Education courses addresses healthy food choices, serving sizes, calories, and exercise.  
  • Students are encouraged to access campus opportunities to stay healthy and active by working out or participating in classes offered in the Wellness Center, going to open gym, and joining various clubs, activities, and recreational sports teams.

What happens if I wake up and I do not feel well?

  • Students must call the BUILD on-call number to let BUILD staff know they are sick.
  • If students feels too sick to attend class they will need to make an appointment in Health Services in order to determine whether they are well enough to go to class, need to go to a physician or Urgent Care, or need to go home. 
  • Parents/guardians will be contacted by Health Services by phone during or following the visit.
  • BUILD staff will follow the recommendations of Health Services to determine next steps. 
  • If students are allowed to stay on campus, but are told not to go to classes, the students will be alone between the hours of 7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. It then becomes their family’s responsibility to either let them remain alone or to come pick them up and take them home. 
  • There is no Housing Mentor on duty between the hours of 7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. 
  • Bethel University is not equipped with a supervised place for students to rest and recover when ill.
  • In case of extreme emergency, 911 will be called.

Health Services 

  • If students utilize the Office of Health Services, parents/guardians should either attend an initial consultation with a health personnel in person or by phone. This ensures accurate health and history information is obtained and helps with follow through (medications, follow-up appointments, etc.). 
  • Health personnel recommend that a phone number for students’ parents/guardians be kept on file and that parents/guardians be available by phone during any appointments students have with Health Services. 
  • Parents/guardians can share health information with the student’s advisor if help is needed to schedule reminders for medications, appointments, and/or if additional information should be monitored or shared with mentors.
  • The Health Services walk-in medical clinic is run by a staff of registered nurses, a full-time nurse practitioner, a nutritionist (one day a week), and a physician (available Thursdays 7:30-8:30 a.m. on a first-come, first-serve basis).
  • Hours
    • Monday-Friday from 7:30 a.m.-4 p.m.
    • Location: Town House H, First Floor
    • Call 651-638-6215 or stop by our clinic in Townhouse H for an appointment.
  • After Hours Care
    • Call 651.638.6215 for the on-call nurse's phone number. Many urgent care facilities and walk-in clinics are also nearby.
  • Health Services offers a wide variety of services to Bethel students.


  • Managing medications and prescriptions is a critical part of learning to be independent. Because of this, students are responsible to administer and manage prescriptions and refills.
  • BUILD staff and mentors do not administer or monitor medication (including over-the-counter medication), or manage prescriptions and refills. Some students and parents/guardians have found it helpful to arrange for routine prescriptions and refills to be delivered directly to students’ campus mailboxes.


Private therapists may be accommodated on Bethel’s campus, if the following protocol is followed:

  1. The request for any therapist to serve a BUILD student on campus originates with the BUILD student’s parents/guardians, rather than from the therapist. The parents/guardians makes the request in writing and specifies what services are to be provided as well as identifies the therapist they wish to perform the services. The request indicates whether the services will be for a specific time period or ongoing.
  2. The director of BUILD grants the request of the parents/guardians if he or she deems it reasonable and not disruptive of the BUILD program already set up for the student.

  3. The therapist provides the BUILD program with a schedule of times he or she is on campus to work with the BUILD student and describes the nature of the services to be provided, as well as the location where they propose to meet. If the therapist requests access to Bethel facilities, such as a piano or art room, the director may accommodate such requests to the extent these rooms are available. (The therapist can contact the BUILD program at (651) 635-8799 or
  4. The therapist provides Bethel proof of professional liability insurance coverage. (If the therapist is working with minors or vulnerable adults, he or she should already have such insurance coverage).  
  5. The therapist provides Bethel with a Certificate of Insurance from the insurer, naming the insurance company and describing policy dollar amounts. (This documentation will be kept with the BUILD student’s records as long as they are maintained by Bethel.)

Health Insurance

Proof of Insurance

Bethel University requires all students enrolled in the BUILD program to have health insurance. The insurance plan must have a minimum coverage of $50,000 for each accident or sickness ($90,000 for inter-collegiate athletes), and can be through a family plan, an individual plan, or the health plan Bethel makes available. All students must provide this information by completing an online waiver form.

If the waiver form is not completed, a student insurance policy will automatically be purchased and charged to the student’s account. The charge is not refundable.

Students access this online form through their MyBethel account. (MyBethel > Tools & Resources >

Banner > Login to Bethel University’s Self-Service Banner System > Student tab > Student Health > Insurance Waiver Form.) All students must either provide their current health insurance information (health insurance company name, policy number, and policy holder’s name) OR indicate that they would like to purchase the insurance plan that Bethel sponsors.

For more information about the Bethel sponsored insurance plan, or for more information about this requirement, please visit health-services/health-insurance/requirement

Insurance Requirements for Student Athletes 

Rates for Student Assurance Services’ current school year’s plan can be found at 

For more information, contact Health Services at or 651.635.8532 (800.255.8706, ext. 8532).

Student Hospitalization & Medical Clearance

Notification of Parents

If a student is seriously ill or has threatened or attempted suicide, parents/guardians will be notified by student life or BUILD staff. 

Medical Clearance Policy

Prior to clearing a student to return to campus, the Office of Student life desires students have the proper support. If a student has been hospitalized for physical or mental health reasons, they must complete Bethel’s medical clearance process (as stated below) prior to being eligible to resume coursework or return to campus housing.

  1. The student should contact a dean in the Office of Student Life. Someone may reach out to the student or parents directly if the student is transported from campus.
  2. The Office of Student Life will ask that the student sign a release of information between the treating hospital or medical provider and both, Bethel’s Director of Counseling Services, and Health Services.
  3. The Director of Counseling Services will provide the Office of Student Life with any necessary information regarding the student’s hospitalization, diagnosis, and the medical recommendation of the readiness of the student to return to housing and coursework.
  4. The assigned dean from Student Life will be in contact with the student following release from the treating clinic or hospital. 

Following completion of the above steps, an authorized dean in the Office of Student life will make a final decision whether the student will be permitted to return; whether the student will need to withdrawal or stop-out; or whether more information is needed.

Pregnancy Policy

God created us as sexual beings; therefore, we use God’s standard as the foundation for addressing sexual behavior in the Bethel covenant. We acknowledge that these standards are sometimes violated by community members and the result may be a pregnancy occurring outside of a committed, marital relationship. While premarital sexual activity may be subject to the disciplinary process, Bethel’s response to pregnancy is to provide support and resources for the students involved. Both the male and female students involved in a pregnancy may remain enrolled at Bethel during and after the pregnancy. Our hope is we can minister grace to those who are repentant, hold them accountable for future sexual behavior, and restore them to the community. A more complete copy of our guidelines for responding to pregnancies at Bethel is available from the Office of Student Life.


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