Living in the residence halls at Bethel University is an integral part of students’ educational experience. The intent of living among peers and in the residence halls is to help individuals develop their full potential in all areas of life. As students seek to become whole and holy people, Bethel understands learning opportunities do not just happen in the classroom. At Bethel, the residence hall is more than a place to sleep and study; it is a place to connect with people, which is one of the most significant aspects of the college experience. It is in the residences that social, spiritual, physical, emotional, and intellectual life blend together as in no other campus environment. This is also where students put their independent living skills into practice through real-life learning opportunities. BUILD staff partner with Student Life to create a safe and rewarding environment for the students in the BUILD program. 

2020-2021 Housing

  1. Nelson, Edgren, and Bodien - Residence halls for first-year students 
    1. Bodien: https://www.bethel.edu/undergrad/student-life/residence-life/halls/bodien
    2. Edgren: https://www.bethel.edu/undergrad/student-life/residence-life/halls/edgren
    3. Nelson: https://www.bethel.edu/undergrad/student-life/residence-life/halls/nelson
      1. Rooms for students in the BUILD program are located throughout the residence hall, not all on the same floor or side of the hall.
      2. Students in BUILD have roommate(s) in BUILD.
      3. Students are assigned a double room, unless an accessible housing option is needed.
      4. Neighbors next to and directly across from students in BUILD are not students in BUILD
      5. Housing Mentors for first-year students also live in Nelson, Edgren, and Bodien.
  2. Wingblade & Widen, North Village - Apartments for second-year students: https://www.bethel.edu/undergrad/student-life/residence-life/halls/north-woods

    1. Apartment living experience provides transition to the next level of independence.
    2. Housing Mentors for second-year students also live in apartments in Widen and Wingblade.
    3. Students in BUILD have roommate(s) in BUILD, and choose their own roommates.
    4. Rooms for students in the BUILD program are located throughout the residence hall, not all on the same floor or side of the hall.
    5. Neighbors next to and directly across from students in BUILD are not students in BUILD, unless an accessible housing option is needed.

Each year the housing arrangements are re-evaluated by Student Life and BUILD staff to determine which residential living options will best meet the needs of students for the following academic year. 

Residential Support Systems in Place

  • Housing Mentors: Housing Mentors live near students in BUILD and help develop life skills that transition students to living more independently. This includes self-care, home management (laundry, cleaning, etc.), weekly meal planning and preparation including grocery shopping, and social/community participation. Housing mentors provide encouragement, verbal reminders, modeling and coaching, but do not provide any direct care or personal care assistance, and do not make decisions for students. Housing Mentors are on-duty weeknights from 7:00 p.m. - 7:00 a.m. and on the weekends from 7:00 p.m. on Friday until 7:00 a.m. Monday.
  • Residential Supervisors: The residential supervisors are professional staff who live on campus. There is a residential supervisor on-call weeknights from 4:30 p.m. - 8:00 a.m. and on the weekends from 4:30 p.m. on Friday until 8:00 a.m. Monday.  Residential supervisors provide oversight for the residential components of the BUILD program including teaching the Independent Living Lab, supervising BUILD housing mentors, and assisting with community and student development as well as conflict management. Students in the BUILD program can reach the residential supervisors at any time during these hours. 
  • Resident Assistants: Resident Assistants (RA) live in the residence halls near students. Their role is to develop relationships with students in order to walk alongside them as they learn about themselves, their relationship with Christ, and the Bethel community. RAs plan social and educational programming, advertise events, facilitate requesting repairs for residence hall rooms, address behavioral issues, and respond to emergencies. 
  • BUILD Professional Staff: The professional staff for the BUILD program answer the on-call phone from 8:00 a.m.- 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. The BUILD Office is open from 8:00 a.m.- 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. During these hours BUILD staff are available to help answer questions and navigate situations when students call or visit the BUILD Office to ask for support.

Office of Residence Life

Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Location: Student Life Office, BC252
Phone: 651.638.6300
Email: residence-life@bethel.edu 
Website: http://cas.bethel.edu/studentlife/residence-life/

Residence Life Vision Statement 

Residence Life seeks to provide a home where students grow and thrive in connection with God and others. It is Bethel’s desire that residence halls are an environment of growth and learning. Some of the things Bethel hopes students will take away from living on campus:

  • Meaningful relationships with others
  • Increased understanding of self
  • Practical life skills

Residence Halls and Living Requirements 

First and second-year Bethel students in the BUILD program are required to live in campus housing.

Students need to be enrolled full time to reside on-campus. Students must be 18 years of age by Welcome Week move-in day. Housing is available for unmarried, traditional students only. There is no on-campus housing available for married students. Non-traditional students age 25 or older who wish to live on-campus must seek approval from the Associate Dean for Residence Life.

Residence Life Housing Procedures

Housing Application

The housing application is found on the student’s MyHousing and Meal Plan page on MyBethel.

The Bethel Housing Room Draw process for returning students takes place in Spring term each year.

Room Draw is a three step online process:

  1. Complete an online housing application
  2. Choose your roommates
  3. Select a room

Each step has important deadline dates.

Housing Agreement

The Housing Agreement Lease is signed electronically, when a student completes the online housing application.

Visit: MyBethel > Student Services >Housingbox > Apply for Housing

Housing Agreement Cancellation 

The Housing Agreement must be cancelled by Student in writing with the Office of Residence Life. Upon cancellation a fee will be charged to student per the following schedule:

  • $100 Cancellation Fee if cancelled before June 1 for the Fall/full-year Agreement.
  • $200 Cancellation Fee if cancelled after June 1 for the Fall/full year Agreement.
  • $300 Cancellation Fee if cancelled after July 15 for the Fall/full year Agreement.
  • $150 Cancellation Fee if cancelled after December 1 to cancel the Interim/remainder of the year portion of the Agreement.
  • $150 Cancellation Fee if cancelled after January 1 to cancel the Spring portion of the Agreement.

Cancellation during a term follows the academic calendar refund schedule listed below.

  • 100% refund through the sixth business day
  • 75% refund through Friday of the third week
  • 50% refund through Friday of the fifth week
  • 25% refund through Friday of the seventh week
  • No refund after Friday of the seventh week

Students who cancel/withdraw mid-semester must complete a Self Checkout. After cancelling in writing or officially withdrawing with a dean, student must pick up a Self Checkout packet from the Student Life office. Completed packet must be returned within three days of cancellation/withdrawal. Improper checkout fine of $150 applies if Self Checkout steps are not completed.

To cancel a housing agreement, email the Residence Life office at residencelife@bethel.edu.

To cancel a meal plan agreement, email Dining Services office at dining-services@bethel.edu.

Interim Housing 

Students living in campus housing both Fall and Spring terms, there is no additional cost for Interim housing.

Students living in campus housing for only one of the regular semesters, an additional charge of $292 for Interim housing is assessed.

The rate for occupying Bethel housing only during Interim is $584. No adjustment or credit will be made if a student is not on campus during Interim.


Housing rates are frozen for all continuing students. Housing rate will not increase provided student lives in campus housing every semester.

Rates are based on student’s first year in Bethel housing.

  • For students entering Bethel Housing for the first time in the 2019-2020 academic year, the rate is, $2,950 per semester, or $5,900 for the academic year  

Rates are the same for all Bethel residence locations.

If students in the BUILD program leave housing for any reason, this frozen housing rate is cancelled. Students will assume the rate for the new year upon returning to Bethel housing. 

Check In/Out

The check-in/check-out procedure at Bethel University has been established to help in the assessment of residence repair and replacement needs and to help create accountability for residents who damage rooms and/or furnishings. In addition, the check-in/checkout procedure is the instrument by which the Office of Residence Life develops and maintains occupancy information necessary for accurate housing occupancy.

When students moves in or out of any residence within Bethel housing, including room-to-room transfers, a check-in/check-out procedure must be complete. Students must review and sign the appropriate forms as well as turn in room key at the checkout. By following the outlined procedures, check-in/check-out can go quickly, smoothly and economically. An improper check-in/check-out may result in up to a $150 fine.

Opening and Closing Dates

Fall 2020
  • Local returning second-year students in Cohort 5 will move in between August 21-23.
  • Local first-year students in Cohort 6 will move their items in on either August 24th or 25th. Student's sign-up time will allow four hours on-campus to move items into his/her room and get everything organized.
  • First-year students in Cohort 6 who live more than thirty miles away from campus will move onto campus on August 27th.
  • All first-year students in Cohort 6 will need to come to campus to stay on August 27th between 3:00-4:00 p.m. be dropped off at their Residence Halls between 3:00-4:00 p.m. 
  • Returning second-year students in Cohort 5 will move in between August 29-30, this is also when all local students can come back to campus to stay.
  • Returning students who have permission to move in early (e.g. fall athletes, student leaders, etc.) must check-in at the Student Life Office on their assigned date. Roommates of these students are not permitted to move in early unless they are also approved for early arrival. It is each student’s responsibility to communicate this to their roommates. A fine of $25 per day will be charged to anyone who moves in before their assigned date as well as to the student who lets in an unapproved resident.
  • Residence halls close for Christmas Break at noon on Saturday, December 18; however, students must check out of rooms within 24 hours of their last exam. 
Interim 2021
  • Students in BUILD may return to Residence halls anytime after noon on Sunday, January 4. Returning students moving back for the remainder of the year must check in with RA staff.
  • Interim move outs must be completed by 5:00 pm on Friday, January 27.
Spring 2021
  • Students in BUILD may return to Residence halls anytime after noon on Sunday, January 31.
  • All residences close at noon on Saturday, May 21; however, students must check out of rooms within 24 hours of their last exam. 
  • Graduating students may remain until 1:00 pm on Sunday, May 23.
Fall Check-In

Students must check-in to their assigned room and with an RA by 3 p.m. of the second official day of classes. If an exception is needed, students must notify the Office of Residence Life prior to the first official day of classes.

A room key and Room Condition form are given to each student. Student is responsible for returning the Room Condition form to the Student Life office the day following check in. Daily late charges apply for missing forms.

Christmas Break

Residences are closed during Christmas Break. Once a residence is closed, students will not have access to rooms until the residence re-opens. Entry into a closed hall room or suite during these periods will be accommodated by Bethel Security at a cost of $25.

Mid Year Check-in

Students must check in during specific Check-in hours communicated by the Office of Residence Life. Students must notify staff 24 hours in advance if they will not be able to arrive during Check-in hours. Roommates may not allow early access to the room. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the RA to check in properly. Avoid an improper check-in fine of up to $150 by following guidelines.

Mid Year Check-Out

The housing agreement is for the entire academic year. If students needs to break the agreement during the year, they must cancel in writing with the Residence Life office. Students are responsible for the charges until the office has officially been notified. All cancellation dates apply. See Housing Agreement Cancellation for important deadline dates.

During the year, a Self-Check-out process is used. Students must pick up a Self-Check-out packet from the Student Life office. This packet includes checkout instructions, cleaning guide, checkout confirmation form to sign and an envelope for the room key. Students must return this packet to the Office of Student Life upon move out. There is an Improper Checkout Fine of $150.00 for any student who does not complete the Self Checkout packet.

Year-End Check-Out

Students must check out of rooms within 24 hours of their last exam. 

Each student must sign up for a check-out time with their RA. At the agreed-upon time, the RA will check the residence for damages, cleanliness and collect the room key. Students must be present at check-out, and the residence must be clean and in good order before check-out can be approved. Failure to do this will result in an improper checkout fine of up to $150. A student who is late to check-out will be charged $25 for every hour he/she is late.

After the RA check out process, Resident Directors assess rooms for any damages and notify students of fines or damage charges through their Bethel email account. Charges are made to the student’s Bethel account.

Residence Life Policies and Procedures

Bethel University Community Commitments

Each student is expected to live according to Bethel community standards as described in the Covenant for Life Together. Any infraction of these standards by students will be investigated in accordance with the philosophy and due process statement explained on those pages.

  • The possession and/or use of drugs, alcohol, or tobacco is not permitted.
  • All movies shown or viewed in residence halls must conform to community expectations.
  • Posters must be in good taste. Sexually explicit or suggestive posters are not permitted.
  • Clothing that is inconsistent with Bethel’s lifestyle and community expectations is not permitted.


Bicycles may only be parked or stored in designated bicycle racks outside of residence halls. They may not be stored in stairwells, lounges, hallways, etc. Bicycles must not be left on campus over the summer except for residents living in North Village Summer Housing. Bicycles left in bicycle racks in any other locations after May 31 each year will be considered to be abandoned and will be removed.

Responsibility for Your Residence Hall Space

The key word in residence maintenance is prevention. Anticipating and preventing problems can significantly reduced issues. Some unavoidable problems will inevitably develop. Staff are committed to preventing as many as possible and to responding quickly to problems that do arise.

There are a number of things students can do to help prevent problems:

  1. Students may not paint, install wallpaper/borders, or alter the physical condition of the residence in any way without the permission of the Associate Dean for Residence Life.
  2. All posters and pictures should be attached to the walls with blue painters tape or pins. Pins and small nails 1/16th of an inch or smaller may be used. However a large cluster of pinholes in a concentrated area is not allowed. Please use only blue painters tape to attach any items to doors. Pins, small nails or staples cause permanent damage to the doors.
    1. Do not use 3M Command hooks (or similar items), adhesive-backed tiles, masking tape, duct tape or other types of adhesive. These items have strong adhesion properties and leave glue residue and/or wall damage behind. They should not be used anywhere in the residence halls or apartments.
    2. Be certain that whatever is put on the walls or doors is easily removable at the end of the academic year. Students are responsible for the cost of repairs caused by the use of any of these items.
  3. Pets are not allowed in any residence hall. A fine of $25 a day will be assessed for any animal residing in a room.
    1. Exceptions:
      1. Fish kept in an aquarium not to exceed a 10-gallon capacity. Students are responsible for their care and any damage that may occur as a result of maintaining fish. If your residence hall closes over a break, all fish must be removed from the hall unless they are in a self-sustaining tank.
      2. Service and Comfort animals approved by the Office of Disability Programs and Services.
  4. Screens must not be removed from any windows. A $25 fine will be assessed to any student who removes his or her window screen. Removing screens often results in damage, therefore, persons removing screens will be assessed charges for inspection and repair, in addition to the $25 fine.
  5. The roof of any residence is off limits. Walking on roofs can damage them. An automatic $100 fine will be assessed on each offense.
  6. Water fights are not permitted in or near the residences. Water may not be thrown from or at the windows of the residences. (This includes snow and ice.)
  7. Do not dispose of sanitary napkins, paper towels, cleaning wipes (even if described as “flushable”) coffee grounds, leftover food, or other non-dissolvable items in the toilet or bathroom sink.
  8. When living in one of the residence areas, take time to keep the areas clean. Be especially conscious of cleaning needs in kitchens and bathrooms, as this will reduce the need for maintenance service. Students are responsible for cleaning and must obtain their own cleaning products.
  9. Firefighting equipment is located throughout each residence for the protection of the residents. Tampering with fire extinguishers, exit signs, or fire equipment; placing false alarms; or interfering with the proper functioning of the fire alarm system will be just cause for disciplinary action, a $250 fine, and prosecution under Minnesota Statutes 609.686. Anyone who intentionally engages in the above activities is guilty of a misdemeanor.
  10. Non-Bethel supplied lofts are not permitted in residence halls. Bethel supplies beds that offer lofting options.
  11. Students may not alter electrical equipment in housing (e.g., lights, ceiling fans, switches, outlets, etc.). Students tampering with these items will be fined a fire code violation of up to $250 plus the maintenance charges to return the unit to safe condition. Students overloading circuits, including through the misuse of extension cords, will be warned by maintenance and asked to correct the situation.
  12. Students may not alter or rewire phone jacks or equipment. All wiring must be done through a work order request. Failure to comply will result in a $25 fine on each occurrence plus any charges for maintenance repairs. The only exceptions to this are commercially manufactured plug-in adapters.
  13. Cable TV is provided in some common area lounges, shacks, and fitness rooms in the various residences. Please check with your RA or RD for the specific location in your residence. Cable TV service is not provided to the individual suites/rooms in the residence halls, and individual cable TV service contracts are not permitted. Individual Netflix, Hulu, or other similar internet viewing accounts are permitted.
  14. All maintenance repairs must be done by Bethel Facilities Management. Submit a work request form found on MyBethel for any needed repairs. For maintenance emergencies after hours such as loss of heat or safety-related issues, call the Housing Hotline at 651-638-8250 or Security at 651-638-6400. Failure to follow this procedure may result in a fine that is substantially more than the published amount due to additional time and materials required to correct the attempted repair.
  15. Students are responsible for the furniture in their room. Please do not store any furniture or personal items in the hallways, custodial closets, stairwells, lounges, or any other room except for the room the furniture was assigned to. Items left in hallways or stairways are a fire code violation and will be removed by Facilities Management. Students must follow this policy to avoid a year end charge when they check out.
  16. Non-Bethel furniture is permitted, but must be removed from Bethel property at the end of the academic year. Furniture found improperly left on the property or in a dumpster will result in a $75 disposal fee. No devices or instruments containing mercury are permitted in residence halls; this includes thermometers.

Donation Collection in Residence Halls

Bethel University Residence Hall lounges are primarily used for recreation or study purposes. However, in some instances, the main lounge/lobby may be used as a space to collect donated items (coats, blankets, canned goods, etc.). All groups wishing to collect donated items must first gain approval from the Office of Residence Life. The following factors apply:

  • Residence Life will approve up to three drives per semester.
  • All groups collecting items must be sponsored by an official Bethel organization or department.
  • No group will be permitted to collect items for more than two weeks.
  • Donation containers should be dropped off at the beginning of the two weeks and promptly removed at the end of the two weeks. Each organization is responsible for the delivery and pickup of donation containers, as well as regular collection throughout the specified time frame. If the containers are not properly maintained Residence Life reserves the right to end the drive early.

Making a Request: If you wish to make a request to collect donated items, please fill out the online form by contacting the Office of Residence Life.


Bethel University reserves the right to fine a student for behavior detrimental to the living environment such as water fights, vandalism, excessive noise, stealing lounge furniture, leaving trash in the hallways, or other disrespectful actions. Discipline problems will be dealt with through the standard Disciplinary Policy and Procedure. Fines may be incurred if the Office of Residence Life feels it is necessary. It should be noted that housing policies are intended to assist the community in smooth operations, to protect the rights of students, and to prevent dangerous or unhealthy situations. Therefore, students need to abide by the policies established in the Student Handbook, the university catalog, and the Housing Agreement. It is hoped that these policies will not be seen as restrictive, but rather as common courtesies necessary to live harmoniously in the community.

Invasion of Privacy

Any action with the intent to, or resulting in, personal harassment, invasion of privacy, destruction or damage of property, raids, or problems requiring time or money to rectify is not permitted. Students participating in such action will be subject to disciplinary procedures over and above the cost of damage.

Key Replacement Policy

If a room key is lost at any time during the year, the student must fill out the Lost Key Request Form to change the lock. For the safety of all residents, the key core to the affected room/apartment door will be changed and replacement keys will be made for every student in the room/apartment. The cost for replacing the key core and keys during the academic year before May 1 is $60. The cost for replacing the core and keys on or after May 1 of the current academic year is $80. Charges are applied to the student’s account.

Periodic Room Checks

It is our operating procedure to respect the privacy of students, therefore, rooms generally will not be entered or searched. However, for the purpose of safety codes, fire regulations, and general cleanliness, the university reserves the right to maintain, repair and routinely inspect individual rooms at any time during the school year. Scheduled room checks are done at the end of each semester and before spring break. In circumstances where there is reason to believe that state or federal laws or Bethel policies have been violated, the university reserves the right to inspect, or authorize inspection of, rooms and apartments. Additionally, students in BUILD will have their rooms checked weekly by BUILD staff as part of their work in Independent Living.

Quiet Hours and Courtesy Hours

The academic and physical health needs of residents have priority over other considerations. Residents should maintain a sufficiently quiet atmosphere for adequate sleep and study. Quiet hours are specifically enforced from 10 p.m. to 10 a.m. daily. This means no excessive noise in the hallways or near the buildings. The noise level must be contained within student rooms. It is expected that residents will be courteous and respectful of noise levels in the residence halls during the remaining hours of the day. The responsibility for confronting residents regarding noise level does not belong exclusively to the Residence Life staff but to all residents living in the building.

Removal from Housing

Under certain circumstances involving the health or safety of a student or others, a student may be immediately removed from university housing by the associate dean for residence life with the concurrence of the dean of student programs. Removal from housing will be handled on a case-by-case basis as determined by the university in its sole discretion. In the event that a student is removed from university housing:

  1. The student will be informed of all pertinent information leading to the decision for removal from housing.
  2. The length of the removal will be determined on a case-by-case basis.
  3. The conditions under which a student may return to university housing will be identified at the time of removal and provided to the student and parents/guardians in writing.

Residence Safety Guidelines 

In order to maintain a safe environment for students in Bethel housing, a number of safety systems have been installed and regulations have been developed to aid these systems. Misuse of the firefighting equipment and systems, tampering with the fire alarms, removal of the smoke detector system or battery, any violation of the fire code, or violation of any of the following safety guidelines may result in any or all of the following consequences: a fine of up to $250, billing for maintenance repair costs, prosecution under Minnesota statutes, and possible removal from housing. Candles, incense, hookah pipes, and kerosene lamps: Due to the fire hazard involved burning of any of these items in the residences is prohibited. Exception: candles on birthday cakes.

  1. Christmas decorations: The use of live Christmas trees is prohibited in all Bethel housing.
  2. Christmas decorations are allowed in common areas before leaving for Christmas break. Decorations left up during Christmas break will be removed and discarded by Facilities Management.
  3. Cooking appliances: The use of cooking appliances is not allowed in the traditional residence halls or townhouses. There is a fire hazard from electrical overload due to cooking; therefore, such activities must be restricted. Exceptions are: toasters (toaster ovens are not allowed), coffee makers, Foreman grills, microwaves, and the use of appliances provided in the common areas.
  4. Extension cords: Only grounded (three-pronged) extension cords and circuit breaker protected power strips are allowed. Multiple extension cords cannot be used together.
  5. Fire alarms, firefighting equipment: Alarms and fire fighting equipment are located throughout each building for the protection of the residents. Tampering with fire extinguishers or equipment, placing false alarms, or interfering with the proper functioning of the fire alarm system will be just cause for disciplinary action and prosecution under Minnesota statutes. Anyone who intentionally engages in the above activities is guilty of a misdemeanor. Fire doors must remain closed at all times. All the residence halls have centralized fire alarm systems that are checked frequently to ensure they are in proper working order. These systems are provided for students’ safety, and any tampering with them is not only unlawful but also risks the safety of others living in that residence. Lake Johanna Fire Department  requires a mandatory evacuation during all fire alarms, including false alarms and fire drills. Failure to evacuate may result in a fine.
  6. Fireworks: State law prohibits the possession or use of explosive and aerial fireworks. Prohibited fireworks include (but are not limited to) firecrackers, bottle rockets, missiles, Roman candles, mortars, and shells. Sale, possession, and use of some non-explosive and non-aerial consumer fireworks is now permitted in Minnesota. However, Bethel’s policy is that the possession or use of all types of fireworks is strictly prohibited on Bethel’s property. Fireworks are potentially dangerous agents presenting serious fire hazards among other types of damage. Any infraction of campus policy or state law will result in fines, confiscation of materials, and possible prosecution in accordance with Minnesota state statutes.
  7. Projectiles: Potato cannons and paintball guns are strictly prohibited on campus. The possession and/or use of these or other items that launch, sling, or put an object in motion at high velocity will result in a fine, disciplinary action, and the confiscation and forfeiture of the items.
  8. Furnace rooms: It is unlawful to use furnace rooms for storage. The fire hazard from using furnace rooms for storage is extremely high; therefore, using it for storage is strictly prohibited. No materials of any kind may be put in furnace rooms. Failure to comply will result in a fire code fine.
  9. Gasoline: Equipment and containers that contain gasoline or other explosive materials are not allowed in or near the residences. These include but are not limited to motorcycles and filled gas containers.
  10. Hallway and common area decorations: Seasonal or holiday decorations may be displayed for limited periods of time to coincide with the appropriate season or holiday. In order to comply with fire code, the following regulations apply:
    1. Paper and other combustible materials may not cover more than 25 percent of a wall and may not be placed over ceiling lights.
    2. No lights may be suspended from ceilings.
    3. Electrical cords may not pass through doorways so as to be pinched by a closed door.
    4. No additional lights in common bathrooms, including Christmas lights.
    5. Other fire code violations must be corrected within the time frame established by the fire marshal.
  11. Halogen lamps: Because of the extreme fire hazard, halogen lamps are prohibited in all residence areas. Failure to comply will result in a fine.
  12. Open flame/grills: The use of personal charcoal, gas, or any other type of grill (exception: Foreman grills) is strictly prohibited on Bethel property. Personal grills will be confiscated. Charcoal grills are provided throughout campus near each residence area. Any kind of open flame is not allowed in Bethel housing facilities. This includes patios, balconies, townhouse stairwells, and window sills. A university-installed open fire pit is available for use behind the seminary and is the only exception to the open flame policy. Portable fire pits are strictly prohibited.
  13. Smoke detectors: All rooms, suites, and apartments are equipped with battery-operated smoke detectors, which have been shown to save many lives. Students should ensure their smoke detector is operational. Do not remove the battery; fines will be assessed if the battery is missing. If the battery is low, resulting in the smoke detector “chirping,” call Facilities Management during business hours to request a new battery. After business hours, contact your resident director. Tampering with a smoke detector (removing, covering or otherwise disabling it) is grounds for a fine of up to $250.00 as previously stated.
  14. Sprinkler systems: Some residence halls are equipped with sprinkler systems designed to combat and suppress fires. To ensure proper operation in the event of a fire, clothing should never be hung from, laid on, or otherwise be in contact with the sprinkler head or the pipes supplying the sprinkler head. No piece of furniture, loft, or any other object should be placed so as to block the flow of water from the sprinkler head. No student should hang from the pipe.
  15. Tampering with any Bethel electrical equipment or device is a fire code violation and subject to a fine.
  16. Trash: Garbage and trash left in halls or stairwells is a fire code violation and subject to a fine.
  17. Weapons: Weapons of any kind, including but not limited to handguns, rifles, shotguns, other firearms, knives, stun guns/tasers, potato cannons, paintball guns, pellet/BB guns, martial arts weaponry, bows, slingshots, and any other devices used in game or sporting activities, including ammunition, arrows, or other types of projectiles associated with such items, are prohibited on Bethel property. This prohibition is to be interpreted in the broadest sense to include any such weaponry and further extends to “toy” or facsimiles thereof that can cause bodily harm or threat to other persons. An exception to the above prohibition is that persons who reside in campus housing may possess game hunting or trap shooting firearms as long as they are both (a) registered with Campus security and (b) stored by security personnel immediately after being brought on campus, while on campus, and taken from campus immediately after being returned to the owner from security storage. The weapons prohibition set forth above further extends to all Bethel-sponsored or related off-campus activities, including business, academic, sporting or leisure activities, related travel, or any other events involving Bethel. This prohibition against possession of weaponry explicitly includes vehicles owned or operated by Bethel or Bethel personnel. Campus security personnel are authorized to make reasonable inquiries and searches as necessary to enforce this policy. Anyone in violation of this policy will be subject to confiscation and forfeiture of the weapons and disciplinary action up to and including dismissal. For more information on security and safety guidelines visit the Safety and Security website at https://www.bethel.edu/safety-security/.

Room Transfers 

Room transfers requested prior to the start of the fall term will be permitted on a space-available basis only. Once the academic year begins, room changes will not occur during a semester.

Room Transfer Appeal

Some extenuating circumstances (e.g., health concerns, safety issues, etc.) may necessitate a room change prior to the end of a semester. If a student believes their situation may require an exception to the room transfer policy, they may contact their BUILD residential supervisor to begin the appeal process. Room Transfer Appeal forms will be reviewed by a committee on an as-needed basis. Appeals will be considered on one or more of the following grounds:

  1. New information not available or not previously considered regarding your housing situation.
  2. Documented physical or emotional concerns that are affected by the current room placement.
  3. Threat or harm to a student’s physical well-being. Room transfer process: Any pursuit of a room transfer must begin with the BUILD residential supervisor. Requests initiated by anyone other than the resident will not be considered. Room changes will only be set in motion once a residential supervisor has observed evidence of good-faith efforts to resolve any issue(s) (e.g., completing a Roommate Agreement Form, setting up a roommate meeting with your housing mentor or RA, etc). If a room transfer is determined to be appropriate, the BUILD residential supervisor will direct the student to complete the proper form (Room Transfer Appeal or Mid-Year Room Transfer Request). Students are expected to work with staff to identify available room transfer options. All room changes require the prior permission of both the current and future (if applicable) residential supervisors and resident directors. If a student change rooms without following proper procedure, he/she will be required to return to their previous housing until the appropriate procedure is followed and/or an improper checkout fine will be assessed.
Mid-year room transfer policy:

Students who believe they have a compelling reason for moving rooms mid-year (during finals week in December or Interim break in January) must contact their BUILD resident supervisor/RD to receive the Mid-Year Room Transfer Request form. There are two deadlines to submit this form; before November 15th to move during December finals week or before January 16 to move over the January Interim break. Students must identify an open room that they desire to move into before they submit the request. Requests will be reviewed by a committee. Before students pursue a room transfer, they should consider there may be a better solution to resolving a situation than moving rooms.

Search and Seizure Policy 

While the university will make reasonable effort to respect the privacy of a student’s room, Bethel University maintains the right to enter a student’s residence hall room in response to an emergency or concern for a student’s safety. If Student Life and/or Safety and Security staff have reason to believe a student possesses illegal substances, alcohol, weapons, or evidence of illegal or dangerous behavior, they may choose to search the student’s residence hall room and property. In the event it is necessary for local law enforcement personnel to search a student’s room, an authorized university official will be present.

Solicitation in Residence Halls

No solicitation is permitted in any residence without the written permission of the associate dean for residence life. If you see someone soliciting products, please ask them if they have received permission. Solicitation includes selling or distributing free materials door-to-door, and group parties such as Amway®, Mary Kay®, Tupperware®, etc. Individuals from off-campus desiring personal information about residents should be referred to the Associate Dean for Residence Life.


Sports of any kind may not be played in any area of the residence hall. This includes student rooms, hallways, lounges, and stairwells.

Vacancy in a Room

When there is a vacant spot in a room, the Office of Residence Life may assign a new roommate to the open spot per the terms of the Housing Agreement Lease. Should the occupancy of the room, suite, or apartment fall below 50% capacity, the Office of Residence Life reserves the right to consolidate spaces if necessary.

Visitation Hours

Students in BUILD must be in their residence halls by 11:00 p.m. at night unless they are with a mentor or checked out overnight with someone who is on their Personal Learning Plan. The Residence Life staff encourages students to incorporate healthy amounts of sleep into their schedule as part og an effort toward wellbeing. Visitation by the opposite sex is allowed in the residence halls; however, to preserve individual rights and privacy, visitation is limited to certain hours of the week. During visitation hours, room doors should remain open. Visitation is by invitation only, and all students and guests must leave at the designated time. It is each student’s responsibility to monitor the time and confront violations of visitation policy. Abuse of visitation privileges will result in fines and disciplinary action. Approved visitation hours are as follows:

Bodien, Edgren, and Nelson:

  • Monday, Tuesday & Thursday, 4 p.m. - 10 p.m.
  • Wednesday, No visitation hours
  • Friday, 4 p.m. - midnight
  • Saturday, noon - midnight
  • Sunday, noon - 10 p.m.

North Village:

  • Sunday - Saturday, noon - 1 a.m.


Each residence area has a community kitchen. Residence halls are not required to provide kitchen materials (pots, pans, dishes, etc.) Use of some equipment may require leaving an ID with the RA on-duty. All equipment must be returned promptly. It is the students’ responsibility to clean up immediately after using the kitchen. Residence Life Staff reserve the right to close community kitchen if students are not properly maintaining the space or cleaning up after themselves.

Laundry Room

Washers and dryers, with unlimited use, are provided in each residence at no charge. Directions are posted in each laundry room. Download the CSC ServiceWorks app to your phone to check washer availability, receive notifications on your in process load, report a problem and much more. To report a problem with a washer or dryer, scan the machine ID using the CSC ServiceWorks app or submit a Facilities Management Work Order (including the six-digit machine ID). Please be considerate of your fellow students and remove your laundry promptly from the machines when you are done.

Lounges and Recreation Rooms

Recreation and lounge space (affectionately known as “shacks”) are provided in each residence for students’ convenience and enjoyment. Games and equipment are available for use in the recreation

rooms. Lounge furniture must be left where it is. Disciplinary action will be taken when furniture or equipment is removed to individual rooms or taken outside the building. Shacks are open from 7-11 p.m. on weekdays (Sunday-Thursday) & 8 p.m. - midnight on weekends (Friday & Saturday). RA’s are available to answer questions, listen to concerns, provide additional security, and respond to emergencies.


Privately owned mini refrigerators are allowed. Rated capacity may not exceed 5 cubic feet and must be in good operating condition. Use of a privately owned full size refrigerator or chest freezer is not permitted.

Storage Lockers

A limited number of storage lockers are available to rent in Bodien, Edgren and Getsch halls. Students will receive an email in both fall and spring semesters giving them the option to request a locker. Students should follow the directions detailed in the emails to request a locker. A Bethel combination lock will be provided and must be used. Locker rental fee will be charged to student’s account.

Vending Machines

Vending machines are located in the common areas of each residence area as well as in the BC and HC buildings, level 2. Contact the Campus Store with any questions or problems.


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