Sexual Misconduct Policy Summary

Bethel University and the Bethel University Foundation (hereinafter referred to as Bethel) are committed to maintaining a Christ-centered community, free of discrimination, including sexual harassment, sexual violence, and sexual misconduct in all of its forms. Bethel prohibits domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking. Bethel will not tolerate sexual misconduct by or against its students, faculty, or staff. In addition, visitors, volunteers, vendors, consultants, third parties, or any person who provides services to Bethel are required to comply with the provisions of this policy. All community members must comply with this policy, whether on campus or off campus when engaged in activities sponsored by Bethel, or otherwise related to Bethel or its business. Such activities include, but are not limited to classes, seminars, meetings, and study abroad programs.

All employees are required to report any instance of sexual harassment, sexual violence, and sexual misconduct to the Title IX Coordinator. The only exception to being a mandatory reporter is if one is a confidential resource. Confidential resources are listed at the end of this policy.

The purposes of this policy include:

  • Prohibiting all forms of sexual misconduct,
  • Creating a work environment free from sexual misconduct,
  • Encouraging good faith complaints when sexual misconduct has occurred, and
  • Providing options for addressing and resolving complaints of sexual misconduct.

All incoming students and new employees are required to attend a program on primary prevention and awareness. Persons who believe they have experienced sexual misconduct or have witnessed sexual misconduct of another community member are expected to bring the conduct to the attention of appropriate individuals so Bethel can take prompt corrective action. Bethel will take prompt corrective action against any sexual misconduct by or against its community members. All Bethel community members are directed to implement and abide by the procedures outlined in this policy.

All complaints will be taken seriously and no one who acts in good faith to report sexual misconduct, including third parties (e.g., vendors), will suffer actual or threatened retaliation or reprisal. Complaints of sexual misconduct will be treated in confidence to the extent feasible, given the need to conduct a thorough investigation and take corrective action. If it is determined through an appropriate and prompt investigation that sexual misconduct has occurred, effective corrective action will be taken to eliminate the sexual misconduct, attempt to ensure it does not recur, and appropriately care for those who may have been harmed. Depending on circumstances and the severity of the conduct, corrective action will vary. Resolution steps could include one or more of the following for students: counseling, advising or coaching from student life, BUILD, or christian formation and church relations professionals, reflection paper, behavioral probation, suspension, dismissal, or expulsion. For employees resolution steps could include one or more of the following: counseling, training, advising or coaching from a professional, verbal or written warning, termination, or criminal prosecution.

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Reporting Sexual Misconduct

If you have personally experienced any form of sexual misconduct, tell someone as soon as possible. Bethel understands this is a difficult situation. All persons involved will be treated with dignity. Immediate notification, ideally within the first 24 hours after any sexual misconduct occurs, helps ensure the preservation of evidence. Campus Security, at the discretion of law enforcement authorities, shall assist with the preservation of evidence which may be necessary for the proof of criminal sexual misconduct or to obtain a protection order. In an emergency, call 911 or call the Office of Safety and Security at 651.638.6400.

In order to initiate Bethel’s response and resolution process under this policy, you or another person must notify the Title IX Coordinator. If a member of the Bethel community has a concern or has become aware of an instance of possible sexual misconduct involving a student, faculty or staff member, the Title IX Coordinator must be contacted immediately. You may also choose to remain anonymous and submit an online anonymous report: This report is separate from initiating an informal or formal complaint through Bethel University.

Contact Information:
  • 24-Hour Emergency:
    • 911
  • 24-Hour Emergency On-Campus:
    • Office of Security and Safety, 651.638.6400, Office location: HC103
  • Cara Wald, Vice President of People and Organizational Development and Title IX Coordinator/Compliance Officer
    •, Office: 651.635.8657, Cell: 612.709.4783, Office location: ANC530
  • Shaune Younkers, Title IX and Compliance Specialist
    •, Office: 651.638.6992, Office location: ANC530

If any changes are made to the persons holding these positions, current information will be available on Bethel’s website.

Confidential Resources:


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