The required curriculum for the M.S. in Athletic Training comprises a 50 semester credit sequence of courses. 

Core Courses
ATRN 601Lower Extremity Assessment 13
ATRN 602Upper Extremity Assessment 13
ATRN 611Therapeutic Interventions I 13
ATRN 612Therapeutic Interventions II 13
ATRN 613Therapeutic Interventions III 13
ATRN 631Organization and Administration of Athletic Training 13
ATRN 632Advanced Emergency Care 13
ATRN 633Current Topics in Athletic Training 13
ATRN 634Integrative Assessment and Application 13
ATRN 641Pathology and Medical Conditions 13
ATRN 642General Medical Assessment 13
ATRN 650Evidence-Based Practice in Athletic Training 13
ATRN 671Clinical Experience in Athletic Training I 12
ATRN 672Clinical Experience in Athletic Training II 12
ATRN 673Clinical Experience in Athletic Training III 12
ATRN 674Clinical Experience in Athletic Training IV 12
ATRN 750Athletic Training Master's Project I 13
ATRN 790Athletic Training Master's Project II 13
Total Credits50

Sample Course Sequence

This example includes the courses for a hypothetical student that starts in the Fall Semester.

First Year
ATRN 601 Lower Extremity Assessment3ATRN 602 Upper Extremity Assessment3ATRN 633 Current Topics in Athletic Training3
ATRN 611 Therapeutic Interventions I3ATRN 612 Therapeutic Interventions II3ATRN 650 Evidence-Based Practice in Athletic Training3
ATRN 632 Advanced Emergency Care3ATRN 634 Integrative Assessment and Application3 
ATRN 671 Clinical Experience in Athletic Training I2ATRN 672 Clinical Experience in Athletic Training II2 
 11 11 6
Second Year
ATRN 613 Therapeutic Interventions III3ATRN 631 Organization and Administration of Athletic Training3 
ATRN 641 Pathology and Medical Conditions3ATRN 642 General Medical Assessment3 
ATRN 673 Clinical Experience in Athletic Training III2ATRN 674 Clinical Experience in Athletic Training IV2 
ATRN 750 Athletic Training Master's Project I3ATRN 790 Athletic Training Master's Project II3 
 11 11 
Total Credits 50