Mission and Goals


BUILD's mission is to provide students with intellectual disabilities a postsecondary, residential college experience, which is boldly influenced and motivated by the Christian faith, propelling students to confidently navigate their world with self-determination to live more independently, maintain meaningful employment, and value life in community with others. This integrated experience includes opportunities for academic, vocational, residential, social, and spiritual development.


BUILD provides students with the skills and education necessary to live more independently, maintain integrated employment, grow in their faith and self-determination, and to value life in community with others. After successfully completing the program’s requirements, students earn a Certificate in Applied Studies with a Career Pathway in Arts and Communication, Business, or Human Services. 

BUILD​ ​Program​ ​Goals:

Program Goal 1. Increase in independent living 

  1. Demonstrate skills to care for self 
  2. Demonstrate skills to care for living space 
  3. Demonstrate skills to choose, budget, shop for and prepare meals 
  4. Demonstrate skills to live with others 

Program Goal 2. Secure and maintain integrated employment 

  1. Demonstrate skills to secure employment
  2. Demonstrate skills to be employed while earning minimum wage or greater 
  3. Identify and demonstrate skills to work in a career field and position that is meaningful to the student

 Program Goal 3. Develop personal growth 

  1. Participate in academic, residential, social, and spiritual formation opportunities
  2. Increase self-determination and decision-making skills gained through Personal Learning Plan (PLP) process.

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