Leaving the University Prior to Graduation


A student who decides to discontinue their studies prior to completing their program must officially withdraw. To officially withdraw from Bethel University, a student should complete the appropriate forms available from the Office of Student Life or call the office at 651.638.6300 and schedule an appointment for an exit interview. Failure to notify the institution of an intent to withdraw may result in loss of financial aid and housing deposit. 

Stop Out

On occasion, it may become necessary for a student to leave school for one or two semesters for a variety of reasons. A student who finds it necessary to discontinue their studies for only one or two semesters, with the intent to return to Bethel after that time, may be eligible for a stop-out status rather than officially withdrawing from the university. A student interested in receiving a stop-out status should inquire about eligibility with a dean in the Office of Student Life. To be granted a stop-out, a student must be in good standing academically and financially, must have been at Bethel at least one full semester, and must plan to be away no more than one or two full semesters.

A stop-out status allows a student to return to Bethel after one or two semesters away without reapplying for admission. Students also retain their class-level status for housing sign-up and academic registration. The stop-out procedure may only be utilized once by a student during the course of their academic studies, unless special approval is granted by the university. Students who re-enter Bethel after being on stop-out must meet the requirements of the catalog for the year in which they re-enter Bethel.


Students who have been academically dismissed may apply to be readmitted no sooner than one semester after their dismissal. Readmission requires evidence of academic success, including employment readiness and independent living success in another setting.  Readmission of students who have been academically dismissed is reviewed by the BUILD OfficeOffice of Student Life, the Office of the Registrar, the Office of Academic Affairs, and the Business Office.   

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