Technology Use Policies and Procedures

Social​ ​Media​ ​Accounts: 

  • BUILD staff do not manage or monitor students’ social media. 
  • BUILD staff do not accept or initiate friend requests on social media from current students or their families.​

Information​ ​Technology​ ​Use: 

  • Bethel Information Technology Services (ITS) strives to provide high-quality computer hardware and software as well as a secure and reliable network. All users of a Bethel account are expected to abide by Bethel's responsible use policy found online at: Responsible Use of Information Technology Resources Policy. The policy applies to university owned hardware and software as well as privately-owned devices using the Bethel network and resources. Responsible use should always be in line with Bethel’s Covenant for Life together, as well as legal, ethical, and consistent with good stewardship of shared resources. This policy prohibits the use of Bethel’s network to access or view pornography or other information or images that are in violation of Bethel’s Covenant for Life together. This includes the use of Bethel hardware, software, or network for illegal activity such as making unauthorized copies of copyrighted material. Security is a vital part of responsible use of technology, this includes things like not sharing your password, remaining alert and informed when using the internet, and respecting the privacy and security of other users.
  • BUILD provides an iPad, protective case, and charger for each student, with the requirement that both students and parents/guardians sign the BUILD Program Agreement. Bethel University Information Technology team assists students with setting up iPads prior to the start of classes. 
  • BUILD staff assist students with ongoing iPad use and needs, including learning to use this technology to support college success (e.g. scheduling, setting and recalling passwords, daily routines, alarms, completing coursework, etc. ) 
  • While enrolled at Bethel, students must keep their iPads in the Bethel provided protective case as part of responsible care and use. 
  • Personal technology needs (e.g., phone, personal computer, etc.) will be supported through Bethel University Information Technology team located at RC419. 
    • Students can contact the Information Technology team at 651.638.6500 or by email at 
  • Upon graduation, students retain their iPad and have sole responsibility for its use and maintenance.​

Student​ ​Email​ ​Accounts: 

  • It is imperative that students learn to independently access their own email account. Students work on this during BUILD Independent Study Classes and have opportunities to receive support from mentors to read and reply to messages.  
  • The Bethel Community email account is Bethel’s primary means of communicating important information to students. 
  • Students need a good, independent command of email communication in order to succeed both at Bethel and beyond. 
    • Students are encouraged to read and respond to emails on their account. Students may benefit from parents/guardians supporting their understanding and communication, but students should take the lead in replying to messages that have been addressed to them.

​Group Messaging:

  • Group messaging through the GroupMe app is used by BUILD staff to communicate with each cohort as a means of direct and timely communication.
  • Housing mentors when on-duty will check-in at 7:00 p.m. with all students in BUILD by sending a group message. Mentors also use group messaging to provide information and encourage participation by all students in any Bethel or BUILD events that are scheduled for the evening.
  • Student Academic Mentors also use GroupMe and group messaging to provide information and encourage participation in class and study groups by students enrolled in specific elective courses.

Recording policy

Faculty, staff, and students in the Bethel community have a reasonable expectation of privacy. Recording without consent is not compatible with promoting an environment of trust and open dialogue. Therefore, audio and video recording of conversations, meetings, and other campus processes, without the knowledge and permission of all involved parties, is prohibited.

Social Media and Online Communities

Online communities can help students connect with each other in many positive ways. We acknowledge how important these connections can be for students during the college years. However, we advise students to use discretion when posting personal information on the internet. Be aware that information is not private and students can compromise their personal safety by posting information about their whereabouts and activities. All participation in social media and online communities using Bethel University computing resources must be in compliance with the Bethel “Information Technology Responsible Use” policy. Visit for additional information.

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