Tuition and Payment Options

Payment Options

Full payment or contact with the Business Office to verify anticipated resources is required by August 25, 2023 for the fall term and January 25, 2024 for the Spring term. The bill may include, but is not limited to: course costs, support fees, room, meal plan, Student Activity fee, additional course fees, music lessons, and health insurance. Students and the co-signer of their BUILD Program Agreement are responsible for payment reaching the Business Office when due, regardless of the source of payment. Payment must be received in U.S. dollars. If loans are needed to help meet a financial obligation, students may apply for them through the Office of Financial Aid. Loan applications should be made well in advance for the funds to be disbursed by the beginning of the term. All students enrolled in the Fall term are required to complete their Enrollment Checklist by August 25, 2023. Enrollment for the second year is dependent on payment of the previous year’s expenses. 

Full Payment (Option 1)

Full payment for fall semester is due August 25, 2023.

Full payment for spring semester (including the January Term) is due January 25, 2024.

Individualized Payment Plan (Option 2)

Please contact the Business Office to set up a payment plan which incorporates anticipated resources such as: Financial Aid, Vouchers, Waivers, etc. 

Online Monthly Statements

Around the 27th of each month, an email will be sent to the student’s Bethel email address alerting them that the monthly statement is available to view with a link to access the statement. Monthly statements will not be mailed to the home address. Students are responsible for forwarding monthly statement information to parents or others who are helping to pay their bill. Proxies may also go online to view monthly statements.

To view online monthly statements:

MyBethel > My Statements and Finances > Make a Payment > Statements

Ways to Make a Payment

Students can view their account, enroll in a Semester Payment Plan, and pay online through MyBethel > My Statements and Finances > “Make a Payment.” This will direct you to the Touchnet/Bill-Pay site. To make a payment click “Make Payment” and follow the prompts. 

  • Online by electronic check: Authorize automatic withdrawal from your checking or savings account with no fee.
  • Online by credit card: MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or Discover with a non-refundable fee of 2.95% or $3 minimum, charged by PayPath (processing service).
  • In person: Pay by check, or money order at the Business Office (Anderson Center, 5th Level), 9 a.m. - 4 p.m., M-F. Credit cards accepted online only.
  • A drop box is located next to the ATM machine near the entrance of the Campus Store. Items in the drop box will be delivered to the Business Office one time per business day.
  • Mail a check to:
Bethel University, Business Office
3900 Bethel Drive
St. Paul, MN, 55112-6999
  • Please include your student ID number in the memo portion of the check.

Enrollment Checklist

All students enrolled in the fall term are required to complete their Enrollment Checklist by August 25, 2023. 

To view the Enrollment Checklist, go to: MyBethel> Home tab > Enrollment Checklist. 

Registration Hold

Registration for classes in the second year is dependent on payment of the previous year’s expenses. A student whose account is in arrears on July 1 will be dropped from any registered courses for the fall and will have a registration hold placed on their account, not allowing the student to re-register until the balance is paid. 

Any student who pays an outstanding balance by check and the check is returned from the bank due to non-sufficient funds will have their registration dropped (for future terms). The student will not be permitted to re-register until full payment is received. If repayment is made via check registration will be granted in ten business days.

Any student in good standing on a payment plan (current on their monthly payment installments) will be allowed to register for future terms. If the student fails to pay their remaining monthly installments, their registration may be dropped.

Be advised that students whose registrations have been dropped have no guarantee that the same course(s) will be available when they re-register.

Transcript Hold

When payment sufficient to reduce an account balance below $250.00 has not been received, a transcript hold is placed on the student account. A transcript hold will prevent an official transcript from being issued by the Office of the Registrar.

Finance Clearance for Graduation

A student will not be issued an official transcript or receive their certificate until all financial obligations have been met.

Financial Suspension

Bethel reserves the right to suspend a student from a program, course(s), housing, and meal plan if there is failure to provide full payment on the student account when due. Any student who is financially suspended during a semester will be withdrawn from their classes, removed from their meal plan, and required to move out of Bethel housing.

Non-Sufficient Funds

If payment is returned from the bank for non-sufficient funds, a $25 returned check fee will be assessed on the student account. Any student (or parent/guardian) who has two checks returned due to non-sufficient funds will not be allowed to make future payments by personal check.

Enrollment Deposit

A one-time enrollment deposit of $300 is required of all students. The deposit allows students to register for each succeeding semester, provided all financial obligations have been met.

Refunds and Withdrawals

Students who withdraw from classes during the term may be eligible for a refund. There are two types of refunds: billing refunds (course costs, support fees, course fees room, meal plan, etc.) and financial aid refunds. A billing refund credits funds to the student account, thereby decreasing the amount that is owed on the student account. A financial aid refund reduces the amount of financial aid available to pay the billing charges, thereby increasing the amount that is owed on the student account.

A student seeking to withdraw from all classes at Bethel must notify the Office of Student Life. This date of notification will serve as the student's withdrawal/stop-out date. The student will be provided with a packet of information regarding the withdrawal and stop-out processes and will be scheduled for a withdrawal/stop-out interview with one of the student life deans. Students are asked to read through all materials provided in the packet in advance of their interview with the dean. Once the interview is complete the dean will process the student's withdrawal/stop-out. 

Tuition and Housing Refund Schedules

Full Refund Period: 

The full refund period is the eighth calendar day after the beginning of the semester. Modular courses, which begin after the first week of the semester and/or end before the final week of the semester, also have a 100 percent refund period through the eighth calendar day of the course.

Full Refund:

Students are entitled to a 100 percent refund of institutional charges and monies paid to their student accounts provided they withdraw from the course(s) before the end of the Full Refund Period.

Pro-Rata Refund:

Students who withdraw after the Full Refund Period receive a pro-rata refund of institutional charges up to and including 50% of the enrollment period. The percentage of institutional charges and financial aid retained on the student’s account is equal to the percentage of the period of enrollment that was completed.

No Refund: 

Students who withdraw after the end of the pro-rata refund period are not eligible for a refund. There shall be no refund available to the student if the student withdraws after completing more than fifty (50) percent of the enrollment period.

The Bethel Student Activity fee, course fees, science lab fees, and nursing department fees (if applicable) are refunded in full through the 100% refund period. Thereafter, there is no refund of the fees.

Students who withdraw from Bethel or drop below full-time status may incur additional tuition and housing costs for interim. Please see the “Student Costs” section or contact the Bethel Business Office for additional information.

Students with a meal plan who officially withdraw or choose to cancel their meal plan must notify Dining Services at A student may receive a prorated refund of their meal plan.

Account Questions?

More student account information is available at  

Contact the Business Office at 651.638.6208 (800.255.8706, ext. 6208) or at

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