Overview of How to Use this Catalog

Course Numbers, Levels, Credits, and Prerequisites

The primary purpose of Bethel’s subject code and course number system is to identify the academic subject being studied and the sequence of courses. The catalog also lists the number of credits and any prerequisites. Courses to earn the Certificate in Applied Studies are all designed to be at a developmental level.

Subject Code Description
BBT BUILD Bible and Theology
BEL BUILD Elective
BIL BUILD Independent Living
BIN BUILD Internship
BIS BUILD Independent Study
BJE BUILD Jobs and Employment
BLD BUILD General Core


Prerequisites are courses or other requirements that must be met before enrolling in a particular course. In this catalog, a comma between items in a list of prerequisites indicates that students may choose any of the items on the list to meet the prerequisites. A semicolon between items indicates that each item in the list is required before enrolling in the course.


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