The Bethel University Board of Trustees reserves the right to change any financial charges or regulations listed in this catalog.

Student Cost for 2023-24

FT = full-time enrollment (12-18 credits per semester)

Tuition Fall January Session Spring Summer
FT Fall and FT Spring $21,420 No charge $21,420 NA
Independent Living Lab Fee $280 No charge $280 NA

Students enrolled in the BUILD program are enrolled in 12 to 18 credits per semester. Enrollment in 12 to 18 credits is considered Full Time Enrollment. Course cost amounts are assigned to the Core BUILD course and BUILD Health and Wellness courses in the amount of $2,710. Three support fees of $1,435 are also assigned to students enrolled in the BUILD program.

Bethel Student Activity Fee

The Bethel Student Activity fee is charged per semester when a student is enrolled full time (12-18 credits). This fee is determined by the Bethel Student Government (BSG).

Fee Fall January Session Spring Summer
Bethel Student Activity fee (full-time) $85 NA $85 NA

Room (first-time residents in Bethel housing)

  Fall January Session Spring
In Bethel Housing Fall, Interim, and Spring $3,150 No charge $3,150

Room (second consecutive year in Bethel housing)

  Fall January Session Spring
In Bethel Housing Fall, Interim, and Spring $3,050 No charge $3,050

Meal Plan

More information regarding meal plans is available at

Students in first year Bethel housing will be auto-assigned the meal plan "Navy A" ($5,650 per year) with the option to change their plan based on their housing location.

To manage your meal plan: MyBethel > Student Services tab>Housing channel > My Housing and Meal Plans

Music Instruction

1/2 hour per week private lesson $480

No refund is given after Friday of the second week of the semester for students who withdraw from private music instruction. Copies of the complete Refund Policy for Private Instruction are available from the Department of Music and Theatre.

Special Fees

Enrollment Deposit (nonrefundable after May 1) $300
Additional Course Fees (indicated in registration materials) Amount varies
Official Transcript $8 per copy
Non-Sufficient Funds Fee (NSF) $25 per item

Transcript Fee

Official transcripts are available showing all academic work completed to date at Bethel University. Both electronic and paper versions of official transcripts are available for $8 if ordered online through Parchment. If ordered manually by PDF form, the cost is $25. Transcripts are processed within 1-3 business days. Some exceptions apply. Transcripts may be withheld if the student has an outstanding balance of $250 or more. Questions regarding transcripts should be addressed to the Office of the Registrar. To order an official transcript, please visit:

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