BUILD Program Philosophy of Higher Education

Bethel University is a Christian learning community committed to pursue and practice what is true; to excel in its educational programs; to collaborate as partners in learning; to integrate Christian faith into every area of life; and to nurture every person toward Christian maturity in scholarship, leadership, and service.

As a Christian learning community, we honor God by the way we work together at our calling. We rejoice in discovering the character and glory of our Creator as we explore His creation. As people who bear God’s image, we pursue the truth of His revelation. That revelation comes to us in the person of Christ, the wonder and beauty of creation, and the Spirit-directed words of the Bible. But it is not enough to know truth. We are called to live with hope, faith, love, mercy, humility, and justice, which puts truth into practice. We believe that Christian faith is relevant to every area of life, the integrative principle for the entire curriculum, and a foundational area of study for all learners.

Our commitment to learning leads us to pursue breadth and depth of insight, education in and beyond the classroom, and opportunities on and beyond the campus. In bearing His image, in pursuing and living the truth, we strive for excellence because God’s name and character are excellent.

The nature of community reminds us that we are not alone. We are likely to achieve more together than we could in isolation. We acknowledge only one true Master, and as we strive together to bring all of life under His lordship, we respect each other as partners and friends in learning. Thus, learning becomes an act of worship, and community worship becomes part of learning. As members of this community, we join to spur each other on toward ­Christian maturity.

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