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Financial Aid Refunds

There are four sources of financial aid: federal government (Title IV funds), state governments, Bethel University, and private third-party organizations (e.g., Dollars for Scholars). Financial aid is refunded in accordance with policies established by each entity. Refunds are first calculated for federal funds, then state funds, then Bethel and third-party funds.

Students who withdraw from all classes during the 100% tuition refund period are presumed to have not attended their classes. These students will receive a full refund of all their financial aid unless they complete a Supplemental Withdrawal Form (available in the Office of Student Life), documenting their attendance at each class. Upon receipt of the Supplemental Withdrawal Form, the federal financial aid refund policy will be calculated using the last date of class attendance as the official date of withdrawal. If students receive a full (100%) refund of tuition, they are ineligible for any state, institutional, or private sources of financial aid.

  1. Federal (Return of Title IV Funds) Refund Policy. If a student withdraws or is expelled from Bethel after a term has begun, the school or the student may be required to return some of the federal funds awarded to the student.
  2. The federal formula requires a return of Title IV (federal) aid if the student received federal financial assistance in the form of a Pell Grant, Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, TEACH Grant, Perkins Loan, Direct Subsidized Loan, Direct Unsubsidized Loan, or Direct PLUS Loan and withdrew on or before completing 60% of the term. Students retain funds earned through the Federal Work Study Program prior to withdrawing from Bethel.
  3. For semester-long courses the percentage of Title IV aid to be returned is equal to the number of days remaining in the term divided by the number of calendar days in the term. Scheduled breaks of more than four consecutive days are excluded. For modular courses (e.g., interim), the same principle applies that students earn federal financial aid based on the percent of their enrollment period, but the number of course days in the numerator and denominator only includes days for courses the student is registered to attend when the withdrawal is initiated.
  4. Minnesota Office of Higher Education (OHE) Financial Aid Refund Policy. Bethel is required to use the OHE financial aid refund policy when calculating refunds for the ­Minnesota Public Safety Officer’s Survivor Grant Program, Minnesota GI Bill, Minnesota State Grants, and Minnesota SELF loans. After applying Bethel’s “billing refunds” and the “Return of Title IV Funds” refund calculations to the student’s account, a proportionate share of the state aid is refunded. Students who withdraw during a 100% tuition refund period are not eligible for any Minnesota state financial aid. Students retain funds earned through the Minnesota State Work Study Program prior to withdrawing from Bethel.
  5. Financial Aid Refunds for Institutional and Third-Party Funds. After calculating the federal and Minnesota financial aid refund policies, Bethel reduces institutional and third-party sources of gift aid using the Tuition and Housing Refund Schedule. Institutional and third-party gift aid is reduced by the same percent as the student’s tuition was reduced. Private educational loans are first used to pay any remaining balance on the student’s account. If, after all refund calculations, there is a credit on the student’s account, a portion of the private loan may be refunded to the lender.

Sample refund calculation. Because there are several different refund policies involved in most withdrawals, students may still owe money to the school after all calculations are completed. Students considering withdrawal are encouraged to visit a financial aid counselor and simulate the financial effect of withdrawing before officially withdrawing from the university.

Suppose a student is enrolled full time and withdraws from all classes on the 12th day of a 105-day semester. The student lived on campus and had a meal plan. Sample charges and financial aid are listed in the “original” columns below. After applying all the refund calculations, this student will owe $2,946.

Sample Refund Calculation (Student withdraws from all 15 credits on 10th day of classes.)

Institutional Charges Original Refund Refund Net Charges
Course Costs 20,555 90% ($18,500) $2,055
Room $3,050 90% ($2,745) $305
Meal Plan $2,695 90% ($2,425) $270
Student Activity Fee $80 0% 0 $80
Lab Fee $50 0% 0 $50
Total Charges $26,430 ($23,670) $2,760
Financial Aid and Cash Original Refund Refund Net Payments
Federal Direct Loan ($2,750) -100% $2,750 $0
Federal Pell Grant ($3,175) -78% $2,470 ($705)
Minnesota State Grant ($3,248) -89% $2,880 ($368)
Bethel Royal Merit Scholarship ($7,600) 90% $6,840 ($760)
Bethel Grant ($3,025) -90% $2,723 ($303)
Private Scholarship ($500) 0% $0 ($500)
Total Financial Aid ($20,298) -87% $17,663 ($2,636)
Cash Paid ($3,000) 0% 0 ($3,000)
Total Payments on Account ($23,298) $17,663 ($5,636)
Summary Original Bill Refund Revised Bill
Total Charges $26,430 ($23,670) $2,760
Total Payments on Account ($23,298) $17,663 ($5,636)
Difference $3,132 ($6,007) $2,876


Financial Aid

  • BUILD is a Comprehensive Transition and Postsecondary Program which means that students in the BUILD program are eligible for Financial Aid in the form of the Pell Grant, Minnesota State Grant, and Minnesota Intellectual Disability Grant. To apply for aid, families must complete a FAFSA. 
  • BUILD has both endowed scholarship and annual scholarship funds that are renewable and awarded annually based on need. Half of each annual award will be credited to the student’s account each semester. 
  • Students are considered for these scholarships based on need and do not need to complete a separate application outside of the application to BUILD and the FAFSA.  
  • Additional information regarding Private Scholarships can be found on Financial Aid’s Website.

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