An academic internship is a learning/practicing experience in an on- or off-campus setting during which students explore and/or apply a body of knowledge and skill in a structured non-classroom setting. It can take place in many settings and may make use of almost every knowledge and skill area in Bethel's BUILD program curriculum. The work must provide an opportunity to meet learning objectives. 

An acceptable internship is one that expects students to explore career aspirations and make a deliberate application of their academic knowledge and skills; continue to learn as stimulated by the problems and issues encountered; grow in their personal maturity and confidence in one's abilities; and develop empathy with and understanding of persons, groups, and settings. An internship is conducted under joint supervision of a BUILD Internship Supervisor and an on-site supervisor. Both parties agree on the specific objectives by the end of the first 1/3 of the term of the internship. Both parties stay in communication throughout the internship experience. There is a plan for on-going processing of the experience (internship daily progress form, evaluation forms, etc.). 

Job mentors work to support students in the BUILD program with job-related skills during student internships. They will provide transportation to/from the job site (when necessary) and remain with the students as needed to offer on-the-job support and coaching during their shift.

Requirements for the internship courses:

  • Each internship credit requires a minimum of 37.5 on-site hours at the internship site. 
  • Completion of learning objectives.
  • Internships are graded S/U.

Within the guidelines of the program requirements and with guidance from BUILD staff and parent(s)/guardian(s), students make final internship decisions. In preparation for the on- or off-campus internships the other three semesters of the program, students spend their first semester engaging in Jobs and Employment I course experiences where they explore and strengthen their interests and strengths.   

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