Bethel Events and BUILD Program Events

  • Students have the opportunity to join both on and off-campus events as planned by Bethel University, Bethel Student Government, BUILD staff, housing mentors (HM), and resident assistants (RA) as noted on their Events Calendar. 
  • Bethel transportation to off-campus events is typically provided at no cost to students.
  • Cost of actual events varies (some are free with Student ID). It is the responsibility of the student to cover any costs (including purchasing food, tickets, snacks, etc.).
  • Students are encouraged to attend BUILD program events and other Bethel events and are reminded of upcoming activities by housing mentors.  
  • Though participation in a variety of events and activities is encouraged and modeled, students are free to choose whether or not to engage. Participation in free time activities is not monitored by the BUILD program staff or mentors.
  • Here is a link to the full Bethel calendar:

Appointments and Events not Planned by Bethel

  • Reminders for appointments or events not planned by Bethel, and scheduled by students or parents/guardians, are the responsibility of the student and/or parent/guardian.  
  • BUILD staff do not provide or arrange for transportation to events or appointments that are not planned by Bethel.

Recreation and Club Sports

  • Students enrolled in the BUILD program may participate in Recreational (Rec) and Club Sports, following the tryout procedure, if applicable.
  • If deemed appropriate through consultation with the student, BUILD staff, and the leadership of the Rec or Club Sports team, students in the BUILD program may be supported by a mentor who attends team activities with them.
  • Students interested in Rec and/or Club Sports should pay attention to information that is shared on Bethel’s website and social media, displayed on posters, and communicated by BUILD staff.
  • BUILD staff support students in making decisions related to Rec and Club sports. Students are also encouraged to discuss their participation with their families.
  • BUILD staff and/or student mentors support students in the sign-up and/or tryout process for whatever sport(s) they select.
  • Students who participate in a Club Sport that includes travel away from the university are required to follow the procedures and process as detailed in the Club Sports Manual. BUILD staff and/or student mentors will support students as needed.

NCAA Athletic Teams

  • Students enrolled in the BUILD program are eligible to be considered to be able to participate in NCAA Athletic Teams based on a previously approved waiver for all Comprehensive Transition Postsecondary (CTP) programs at Division III colleges and universities
  • Students start the process by meeting with the appropriate Bethel University coach and a BUILD staff member to discuss interest in joining the team. 
  • After meeting with the appropriate coach(es) to determine roster availability, the student will work with Bethel’s NCAA Compliance and Eligibility Officer, and BUILD Director to submit needed documents.
  • Not all teams will have roster availability, and participation in an NCAA sport is not guaranteed. 
  • All NCAA athletes must also submit documentation that the student is able to meet the extra physical requirements as well as additional requirements for health insurance.
  • Students must continue to meet NCAA athletic guidelines for eligibility in order to maintain status on team.

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