The Associate of Arts degree contains a balanced program of liberal arts education without orientation to a particular major. Requirements for the degree (60 semester credit hours in total) include 45 semester credits of general education courses and 15 semester credits of elective courses. These requirements can usually be met in two years of full-time study.

BIBL230The Bible in Real Life3
CHMN140Spiritual Quest3
COMM160Basic Communication Skills3
ENGL130Successful Writing3
HIST250U.S. History in Dialogue with the Present3
ORGL120Personal Mission and Leadership Development3
SOCS110Succeeding in College3
Select one course from each of the following General Education categories:24
Academic Research Writing (R category)
Technology in Our World (T category)
Studies in Our Surronding World (V category)
Health and Wellness (Y category)
Mathematics (M category)
Global Cultures and the American Mosaic (E category)
Work and Family Dynamics (W category)
Responding to the Arts (A category)
General Education Total45
Total Credits60

General Education requirements for the A.A. degree. 

Sample Course Sequence

This example includes the courses for a hypothetical student that starts in the Fall Semester.

First Year
SOCS110 Succeeding in College3ENGL130 Successful Writing3ARTC150A Responding to the Arts3
CHMN140 Spiritual Quest3COMM160 Basic Communication Skills3HIST250 U.S. History in Dialogue with the Present3
 HEPE260Y Physical Wellness3 
 MATH180M Mathematics in Real Life3 
 6 12 6
Second Year
SOCS255E Studies in the American Mosaic3BIBL230 The Bible in Real Life3Two Elective Courses 6
ENGL225R Academic Research and Writing3ORGL120 Personal Mission and Leadership Development3 
BUSN285T Studies in Technology and Society3SOCS170W Conflict Management and the Social Scientific Perspective3 
 NASC275V Environmental Studies3 
 9 12 6
Third Year
Three Elective Courses 9  
Total Credits: 60