The required curriculum for the M.S. in Physician Assistant comprises a 112 semester credit sequence of courses over 27 months. The program requires four academic terms (15 months) of didactic training plus three academic terms (12 months) of clinical training. All biology (BIOL) courses must be passed with a grade of C or higher; all physician assistant (PHAS) courses must be passed with a grade of B or higher. Visit for course sequence.

BIOL600Human Gross Anatomy & Histology 14
BIOL600LHuman Gross Anatomy and Histology Lab 12
BIOL610Human Medical Physiology 13
BIOL620Pharmacology & Therapeutics I 13
BIOL621Medical Pathophysiology I 12
BIOL630Pharmacology & Therapeutics II 14
BIOL631Medical Pathophysiology II 12
BIOL640Pharmacology and Therapeutics III 12
BIOL641Medical Pathophysiology III 12
PHAS601Introduction to History and Physical Examination 12
PHAS601LIntroduction to History and Physical Examination Lab 11
PHAS602Patient Assessment and Diagnostics I 12
PHAS602LPatient Assessment and Diagnostics Lab I 11
PHAS603Patient Assessment and Diagnostics II 13
PHAS603LPatient Assessment and Diagnostics Lab II 11
PHAS604Patient Assessment & Diagnostics III 11
PHAS604LPatient Assessment and Diagnostics Lab III 11
PHAS611Foundation to Clinical Medicine 14
PHAS612Clinical Medicine I 16
PHAS613Clinical Medicine II 17
PHAS614Clinical Medicine III 15
PHAS621Evidence-Based Medicine and Research I 12
PHAS622LMedical Problem Solving I 11
PHAS623LMedical Problem Solving II 11
PHAS624LMedical Problem Solving III 11
PHAS632PA Professional Practice Issues I 12
PHAS633Cultural & Prevention Competency 12
PHAS634Christian Health Care and Applied Medical Ethics 13
PHAS641Evidence-Based Medicine and Research II 12
PHAS710Clinical Field Placements I 112
PHAS720Clinical Field Placements II 115
PHAS730Clinical Field Placements III 19
PHAS735Physician Assistant Professional Practice Capstone 12
PHAS790Evidence-Based Medicine Project/Thesis 12
Total Credits112

 Course must be taken for credit at Bethel.

Sample Course Sequence

This example includes the courses for the program typical cohort that starts in the Fall Semester. Cohort calendars indicate actual course sequence.

First Year
  BIOL600 Human Gross Anatomy Histology4
  BIOL600L Human Gross Anatomy and Histology Lab2
  PHAS601 Introduction to History and Physical Examination2
  PHAS611 Foundation to Clinical Medicine4
  BIOL610 Human Medical Physiology3
  PHAS601L Introduction to History and Physical Examination Lab1
Second Year
BIOL620 Pharmacology Therapeutics I3BIOL630 Pharmacology Therapeutics II4BIOL640 Pharmacology and Therapeutics III2
BIOL621 Medical Pathophysiology I2BIOL631 Medical Pathophysiology II2PHAS604 Patient Assessment Diagnostics III1
PHAS602 Patient Assessment and Diagnostics I2PHAS603 Patient Assessment and Diagnostics II3PHAS614 Clinical Medicine III5
PHAS612 Clinical Medicine I6PHAS613 Clinical Medicine II7PHAS634 Christian Health Care and Applied Medical Ethics3
PHAS621 Evidence-Based Medicine and Research I2PHAS633 Cultural Prevention Competency2BIOL641 Medical Pathophysiology III2
PHAS632 PA Professional Practice Issues I2PHAS641 Evidence-Based Medicine and Research II2PHAS624L Medical Problem Solving III1
PHAS622L Medical Problem Solving I1PHAS623L Medical Problem Solving II1PHAS604L Patient Assessment and Diagnostics Lab III1
PHAS602L Patient Assessment and Diagnostics Lab I1PHAS603L Patient Assessment and Diagnostics Lab II1 
 19 22 15
Third Year
PHAS710 Clinical Field Placements I12  
PHAS735 Physician Assistant Professional Practice Capstone2  
PHAS720 Clinical Field Placements II15  
PHAS730 Clinical Field Placements III9  
PHAS790 Evidence-Based Medicine Project/Thesis2  
Total Credits: 112

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